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  • We all need to feel we have a future with POSSIBILITIES.
  • Anyone without purpose feels lost and directionless.
  • Many who experience disability, trauma, or disease feel a loss of self identity, like their life is over.
  • We change lives by providing PERSPECTIVE to see a future filled with possibilities.
  • We empower quadriplegic wheelchair users with the tools to rediscover themselves and find their unique PURPOSE.
  • Only when family and community also perceive a future of possibilities, can they help their loved one re-engage in community.
  • A purpose driven person contributes immeasurably to their community.


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We believe in the power of will and perspective.

We believe every person has an equal right to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

We believe Institutionalization revokes the right to Life and Liberty.

We advocate for inclusion with the combined voice of member organizations & individuals. Add your Voice now!

Imagine yourself physically impaired. Would you choose Prison over a Nursing Home? Lets compare ...

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