Collection: SCI - Spinal Cord Injury - C1 & C2 Quadriplegia

What is C1 & C2 Quadriplegia?  An injury to this region of the spine typically results in complete paralysis of the arms and legs, with limited neck movement.  A patient with this type of injury will have a compromised sympathetic nervous system and require complete care with everyday tasks, including eating and domestic care of the household. Learn More

Typical Abilities of persons with  C1 & C2 Quadriplegia: C1: can speak, but possibly at a weaker/lower volume than before the injury. C2: can also speak along with being able to turn their head 1-2" either direction, if the fusion surgery heals correctly.

Typical Disabilities may include: Complete paralysis of arms and legs, muscle atrophy, limited head/neck movement, issues with continence control, trouble breathing without apparatus, and ability to speak may become impaired.

Resources: Rick Hansen Institute  | United Spinal Association Resource List  | Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

    SCI - Spinal Cord Injury - C1 & C2 Quadriplegia

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