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What does it mean to become "Elderly"? Age leads to degradation in bone and muscle as well as decrease in neurological control. Everyone who lives long enough, will experience mobility and dexterity limitations to varying degrees from the natural course of aging. However, many elderly people are less familiar with the latest technologies. So, the right solution must accommodate the users psychical abilities complimented by an appropriate user experience.

Typical Abilities of the Elderly: Abilities vary from person to person, but the elderly may be able to live independently as they age. This can include being able to walk, talk, and take care of themselves. 

Typical Disabilities: Often times, elderly will need assistance in every day life. With age often comes sickness and weakness of muscles. Some elderly will be more physically affected by age than others. 

Resources: National Council on Aging  |  Senior Living  |  Eldercare Directory

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