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Inclusive Energy - DC-Direct Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioning


Access to affordable energy is the greatest historical differentiator in development between societies. Thomas Edison strongly argued that DC was a better solution inside the home which was absolutely correct. AC is better for distribution to the home. Many modern devices and appliances already run on AC converted to DC internally from LED bulbs to induction cooktops, inverter refrigerators and dryers.

Focus is not energy savings but FREEDOM from the electrical umbilical shore power  to enjoy the best places comfortably for Marine Vessels, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), a remote Cabin, or village in the developing world

All Heat Exchangers Fall into 3 Reversible Groups 

  • Air-to-Air - commonly referred to as an "Air conditioner" 
  • Water-to-Water - commonly referred to as a "Chiller"
  • Water-to-Air - commonly referred to as an "Air handler" or "Geothermal" 

Open-loop Geothermal is to 2 wells or a pond or a canal. Closed-loop Geothermal is to pipes buried underground. Marine chiller or geothermal systems are the same thing simply one is buried, the other not. Many marine chiller and geothermal systems are two-stage combining one or more water-to-water with one or more water-to-air.


Energy can be Stored Chemically (Battery), Thermally, Kinetically, or Atomically

If we want cooling air conditioning at night powered by solar energy captured during the day we can

  1. Store Solar DC in Big expensive DC batteries, then use a (hopefully DC) air-to-air heat exchanger powered by those batteries all night.
  2. A Thermal Water Battery - A DC-Direct water chiller powered directly by DC solar panels during the day to cool the water in a large insulated tank buried in the ground, ideally under the center of our home. Then use a small battery to move cool water through, and spin a fan in, a water-to-air handler. This moves the heat from our bedroom into the cold water tank throughout the night. 


A 48V DC System is Highly Recommended. However, we can also design and build the same for 24V DC if there is a compelling reason (rare). 12V DC is just too inefficient for anything bigger than a treehouse or small auto though of course 12v devices are supported.

Our design methodology always starts with sizing for 80% of days / conditions

  1. BTUs of 32+ SEER High-Efficiency 48V DC Air Conditioning / Heating whether you implement it immediately or not
  2. Total of all Loads.
    1. Recommend Induction cooktops, Air-fryer Toaster Oven, and Microwave.
    2. 48V DC Desalinator WaterMaker or freshwater Purification available and optionally use the solar array to collect rainwater
      • Propane is recommended for high energy, short-duration loads: Instant Hot Water Peter to never run out, Clothes Dryer, and portable storable cooktop and/or grill.
      • Prefer to avoid gas and do not need a clothes dryer? Then a Solar-direct Hot Water Heater is available requiring 1-3 extra panels.
  3. Size of Lifepo4 Battery Bank
  4. Size of Solar Array
  5. Small, fully automatic 3 to 5 kw 48V DC Battery Charging Generator to supplement running only a few hours 10% to 20% of days.
  6. Plugging-in can be done with any standard 120v 20a extension cord anywhere
  7. available.
Mark has also built compact, indestructible, safe, and ultra-reliable LTO Batteries for infrequent, high-amp (>500a), short-duration, mission-critical loads such as engine starter, drive-by-wire joystick controls, windlass, thrusters, and hydraulic pumps.
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