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Are you an established assistive technology provider looking to grow your business offering comprehensive solutions? Pair your personalized services with our innovative assistive technologies for disabled individuals with upper extremity limitations. We support you to actively market, demonstrate, install, provide training, and help clients navigate funding sources in your local area - backed by our expertise.

Broadened Horizons' Assistive Technologies are only available through our authorized dealers1. Together with our knowledgeable partners, we desire to provide mobility impaired end users, their families, communities, and the organizations that serve them with personalized solutions and local expertise to maximize each end-users independence. Value is multiplied and experienced by pairing your exceptional local implementation services with Broadened Horizons' innovations designed by the disabled for the disabled. We are FOCUSED on your SUCCESS which means SAVING YOU TIME, properly EQUIPPING you for Success, and SOMETIMES SAYING NO if you are not staffed to carry a product that would only lead to frustration. 

Who is a Local Dealer?

  • US Domestic or International2
  • Actively market to local organizations serving persons with disabilities.
  • Have established relationships with local funding or waiver programs.
  • Provide knowledgeable customer service both before and after the sale. 
  • Utilize a solutions-based approach to personalize product experience to a customer's need.3
  • Provide on-site evaluation, delivery, training, or support services.4
  • Staff focused on and dedicated exclusively to Assistive Technology not typically funded by medical insurance.5 
    (i.e. environmental controls, computer-accessibility, recreation, home modifications)
4Exception: DME Dealer - Staff is focused on medical insurance funded Durable Medical Equipment (i.e. wheelchairs, hospital beds, & supplies). Usually have showroom or staff travels to customer to demonstrate. See DME Dealer Starter Kit. Product restrictions.
5Exception: Internet Dealer - retailer who ships nationwide or worldwide providing pre-sale product selection, training, and support services primarily through electronic communications and rarely on-site. Product restrictions.



Benefits available to Dealers?

  1. Dealers receive 35% Discount Off MSRP when making a stocking order6 of $5000 or more to encourage active marketing and salesmanship.
  2. Dropship service is available to Dealers with no minimums at 25% Discount Off MSRP
  3. Dealers may participate in our New Partner Credit Program
  4. Dealers receive access to deeply discounted Demonstration Equipment7 at 50% Off MSRP!
  5. Dealers receive access to partner-specific Training Webinars to stay up to date, Q&A with other partners to fuel ideas, share success strategies, and provide feedback.
  6. Dealers receive Referrals through prominent visual navigation guiding visitors to partners who carry a desired product.
  7. Dealers receive Personalized Pricelist to maximize efficiency.
  8. VIP Prioritized Fulfillment for top-performing dealers.
  9. Dealers receive access to personalized Wholesale Quick Ordering in 2 clicks or 30 seconds! 
  10. (Under Development) Faster and more accurate than sending a purchase order! A button at the top right corner of webpage displays a list of all SKUs in Dealer's personalized "Shopping List". Simply enter quantity and Confirm Order. We will use your credit card or credit account maintained on file.
  11. One (1) Year Warranty extended to your customer based on date of sale or delivery8
    • No need for you to get involved in a warranty or repair issue (unless desired). 
    • Simply refer, conference, or transfer your client to our customer service. 
    • Your customer must register purchase or send proof of purchase (please notate delivery date if different than invoice date).
  12. 6Your Customer Service may request Drop shipping of exchanges, replacement parts, or warranty repairs, to avoid an extra trip to your client.
  13. At your option, assuming you would rather focus on larger sales and minimize administrative time spent on small ticket replacement parts, your customers may purchase replacement parts from Broadened.org9 or participate in Consumer Trade-In Program as more time and cost effective alternative to repairs.
    • In the future, Dealers may receive Affiliate Commissions (Goal Under Development) for referrals to Broadened.org9 consumer web store of replacement parts or product Dealer does not carry.


Where is my Territory?

  • State or Region where you are located. May include nearby opportunities.
  • Non-Exclusive since not all dealers specialize in the same verticals or carry all product lines. We purposefully minimize "overlap".


What is Expected of a Dealer?

  1. Participation in Demonstration Equipment Program7 (deeply discounted at 50% off MSRP):
  2. 3,4Sell Training and Implementation Services with each product sold where appropriate. 
    • You may provide these services or you may sell's9 Training & Setup Support Services.
    • DO NOT sell complex technology without training and expect they will pick it up from the manual or even a video.
    • 8Our support services cover warrantee issues, not training and setup support.
    • We recommend quoting an overall SOLUTION to a funding source that includes both products and services and avoid itemizing. Describe benefits the solution will provide.
  3. 3Evaluate and guide your customer to purchase the most appropriate solution, both products and services, for their needs and abilities. If something is inappropriate, we will help you identify something more appropriate. We expect dealers will make original item available to another client. Returns on wholesale sales incur a 15% restocking fee.
  4. Sell Extended Warranty or Subscription to customers who require greater security. If not explicitly listed as an option of a product, add 25% of MSRP for each year of warranty extension (up to maximum 3 years added). Broadened Horizons will only repair or replace items under warranty at our discretion. See our Consumer Trade-In Program, created as a more effective alternative, for end-users of out-of-warranty products needing repair.
  5. $10,000 Annual Minimum to renew and maintain good standing


7Demonstration Equipment Program

  • drives your sales success during evaluations or in a showroom,
  • empowers your customer service,
  • there is no training for your staff better than hands-on experience,
  • leads can be referred to your organization with confidence;
   Requirements: We will invest in your success, but that success will require your participation.
  • All dealers must obtain one Demo unit of a particular product Sku or Pro Eval Kit of a product line to begin representing that product or product line. We make sure you have what you need to be successful through Pro Eval Kits.
  • Demo equipment must be maintained separate from other inventory, ready to be demonstrated to a referred customer in person or electronically.
  • Dealer owns the Demo equipment. You may liquidate, but only:
(1) to replace with a newly released version of same product,
(2) after two years to keep it "fresh", or
(3) at which time dealer discontinues representing product or product line with written notice to Broadened Horizons. Disclosure: is a not-for-profit, consumer-direct, web-only store which will operate as a separate organization, a web-only special-purpose dealer of Broadened Horizons, Inc. will help under-served assistive technology end-users and their families worldwide, who are not otherwise served by a Broadened Horizons Dealer or Distributor. will provide consumer-direct advocacy, education, and offer free consultative independent-living-assessments over the phone, Skype, or web chat to to help identify what assistive technologies would have the greatest impact on enhancing an end-users independence.  As a dealer, will retail assistive technologies from a variety of manufacturers including Insteon, Zwave, Vera, ClickToGo, NaturalPoint, Quha, Clarity, and Broadened Horizons, Inc, among others. Store may be offered for lease to one or more select partners in the future who demonstrate the capacity to provide an exceptional consumer-directed consultative experience.

2International Dealers may grow into a Distributor by demonstrating capacity to fulfill requirements. If a Distributor is contracted to cover the territory an International Dealer operates within, any International Dealers within the territory would be referred or transferred to the new territory Distributor, ideally under the same or similar terms.


Our program is designed to be straightforward, minimize mutual administrative overhead, make us both more productive! If you have any thoughts or feedback regarding our new focus, PLEASE share with us how we can help you succeed in terms of training, packaging, marketing, or promotion that we have not addressed? Your success drives our success.

Apply Today!

  1. Register for Dealer Newsletter (quarterly & announcements) 
  2. Apply Now - tell us about your organization and clients {Web Form}
  3. Electronically Sign Dealer Agreement. Alternatively Fax 866-672-8919 or E-mail scanned copy then Snail-Mail Original
  4. Optionally Apply for Partner Credit.



What Happens Next?

  1. Consultation with product or marketing manager to help you select the most appropriate products that best fit your organization's culture, typical customers, complementary products, etc. so you quickly build momentum.
  2. Purchase and Delivery of Demonstration Equipment for products / lines identified in consultation that you will represent.
  3. Introductory Training Webinar for your sales, support, and purchasing staff with opportunity to learn by putting hands-on Demonstration Equipment. On-site Training for your staff, possibly combined with visits with your key clients, can be arranged, based on availability, typically for the cost of travel.
  4. Assignment of a Dedicated Account Manager whose success is directly tied to your success.
  5. Quarterly Training Webinars to stay up to date, Q&A with other partners to fuel ideas, share success strategies, and provide feedback.


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City: , State:  Zip Code: 
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