Trade-In Program

Trade-in your out-of-warranty equipment manufactured by Broadened Horizons Inc. for a double-discount on a New or Refurbished replacement of the same product (same SKU).
  • if your item is under warranty, contact us for repair or replacement.
  • available to end-user's of assistive technologies
Benefits of Trade-In Program
  • Save ~60% to 100% on cost of Replacement (Approximated), often less than total cost of a repair.
    • 20% Instant Discount + 20% of Original Purchase Price Coupon + 20%-40% discount on Refurbished Item (optional, if available) + avoided Cost of Repair (typically $95-$450)
  • Prompt Receipt of Replacement - Eliminates weeks without use of your equipment while waiting for repairs.
  • Full Warranty on New Replacement
  • All this because Broadened Horizons can more efficiently refurbish traded-in equipment in batches.  
    • Trade-Ins will be offered as discounted refubished replacements, or provided to Experience Centers at discount, or donated to a need-based program.
Who can use Trade-In Program?    -> Question: Is Item Under Warranty?
  • Items under warranty will be repaired, refurbished, or replaced*. Customer Service issues an Under Warranty RMA.
  • Trade-In program is Available if item is Out of Warranty. Repair is not available on out of warranty items**.
  • Trade-in MUST be for same SKU or newer, upgraded version: a similar SKU within the same product family. 
  • Trade-In not available if item is not repairable or is wear component. Example: a broken mount bracket would require purchase of a new component since not repairable.
How Trade-In Program Works (4 Steps):
  1. Provide Proof of Purchase: for the item(s) you are wanting to trade-in.
  • Copy of Invoice or Order Confirmation / Receipt
  • Invoice # or Order Confirmation # - we will attempt to look up and identify from our records (limited if older than 2.5 years)
  • If you received items from a Third-Party Payer, such as the Veterans Administration, contact them to request a copy of invoice for your equipment, or minimally Broadened Horizons order # or invoice #
  • Minimally information about Third-Party Payer if you received items as a gift or from another organization on your behalf. We will research, often successfully but not always.
  • Receive 20% Coupon Code, or Instant Discount on phone orders, with he, Trade-In is restricted to exact same or replacement SKU.
  • Upon confirming previous purchase of the SKU via Proof of Purchase, customer service will email a coupon code for 20% of purchase price of (and restricted to) exact same or replacement SKU so customer can purchase new, fully warranted replacement immediately, or a refurbished unit if available. New replacement equipment can be paid for by Credit Card, PayPal, Check or Money Order and will ship immediately without delay.
  • Refurbished Items: If a refurbished version of an item is available, it will be listed on that item's product page. Refurbished items are discounted 20%-50% less than new.
  • Receive RMA for Return of Trade-In:  Customer Service will email a Return of Materials Authorization (RMA) for Trading-In of Non-Functioning unit with instructions and where to ship. 
  • Customer covers cost of shipping to return traded-in item. Please write RMA Ticket # on the exterior of box. Ideally include a printed copy of RMA inside package.
  • Customer should include any power supply, adapter, accessories, user manual, or packaging associated with your Traded-in item. We are not concerned about user manuals or packaging, but if a key component is missing, that is required to utilize the equipment when repaired, we reserve the right to refuse the trade-in.
  • Received Coupon Code worth 20% of original Purchase Price of Traded-In Item. Customer can redeem on ANYTHING at or gift to a friend.
  • Upon accepting your Trade-In equipment, customer service will email customer a coupon code good for 20% off ANY item in your next purchase from our extensive web catalog.
- Footnotes -
*Under Warrantee - Use of Warranty Exchange Cross Shipments should be limited, but can be offered at the discretion of the customer service, or account manager, or Consumer AT consultant.
**Repair Exception - If warranty expired within previous three months or 90 days, customer service must 1st offer Trade-In Program. If customer remains unsatisfied, customer service may, at their discretion, offer RMA for Repair for a fee (Cost = parts + labor + materials). [Guidance to Customer Service on Discretion: Take into account time since expiration of warranty and complexity of repair. If the repair is small, quick, and low cost to the company it is more acceptable than a complex repair that requires significant rebuild such as replacing main circuit board]

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