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Aluminum Alloy Galvanic Corrosion Protection

Before sponsoring us, the owner spent 30 minutes helping us understand why aluminum alloy anodes were so much better than zinc for an aluminum hull boat especially in a saltwater environment. We had just arrived into Mobile Alabama from Louisville Kentucky and was the first time the boat was in salt/brackish water in her life. I had so many different sources of misinformation, shockingly learned that the Magnesium anodes would not only get eat up quickly they would eat a hole in the hull!

Thank you so much! BoatZinc's is our go-to resource for anything related to galvanic corrosion protection.

Comments from another customer...

I needed some new anodes for my boat.   Went to and made my selections.   Hit order.   Imagine my surprise when I got a note from Kyle saying words to the effect of, "Hey this is what you ordered but you may be better served with these other products.   Let me know what you think, we are standing by." 

Wow, customer service.   Amazing.   I took some photos of my anodes, sent them to Kyle then had a great call with him.   He helped me figure out exactly what I wanted.   The next day the new anodes were at my place.   I love doing things right.   Kyle was informative without being disparaging, a great trait.  I highly recommend boat zincs dot com.   They are here in the USA, they care about customer service, and they follow through.  
-- Joe

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