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Octopus Autopilot Drive Intellisteer Wireless Steering

The 12v DC Octopus Hydraulic Linear Drive was installed to control the rudders but in a way that the entire steering system can be switched in about 30 seconds from modern joystick control or reverted back to the original mechanical cable and pulley large wheel control providing full redundant.

By modifying the Intellisteer Wireless Remote to accept any standard ability switch anyone regardless of ability or disability can experience

  • The responsibility of taking the helm completely hands-free, steering with as little as a wink of an eye, blowing and sucking on a straw (Sip-n-Puff), or the nudge of a joystick
  • Planning and Navigating the GPS-guided Route while observing depths to avoid grounding.
  • Avoiding and communicating with other marine traffic (currently may require assistance with push to talk button but we have a yet to be installed solution)


Powerful, Efficient Drives For Sailboats

Reliable – Only three moving parts, increasing reliability
Efficient – Three times more efficient, half the battery consumption
Adjustable Flow Rate – Configure performance to suit your vessel

  • Octopus linear drives are available with a large range of stroke and pump sizes.
  • Drives are suitable for boats up to 80ft (24.4m) – 44,000lbs (20,000kg)
  • Standard drives are available with the pump either mounted on the ram or separately.

Patently Better

Octopus offer a full range of powerful, low current consumption hydraulic linear drives designed for long passage making.  An independent comparison by the University of British Columbia* showed that Octopus piston pumps are three times more efficient than a gear pump and can be expected to halve the battery consumption when compared to a competitor’s unit, therefore doubling the effective range of the autopilot on one battery charge.

The drives are available either with the pump mounted on the cylinder or mounted separately.

Adjustable Flow Rate

A linear drive that does not have variable flow (unless dedicated to a range of yachts) will be operating either too quickly or too slowly in 90% of cases.  Autopilot manufacturers get around this problem by adjusting the output to the pump to compensate. However, this either forces the pump to operate for longer periods of time which increases power consumption and wear on the parts, or the pump will operate at high pressure for short periods of time – also putting unnecessary strain and wear on the system.

Octopus variable flow reversing pumps precisely control the speed of the ram, reducing battery consumption, pressure, strain and wear on the hydraulic system.

LAM Mounted Style

LAR Remote Style

Hydraulic Linear Drives, Installation Guides May 3, 2019
Hydraulic Linear Drives, Installation Guides May 3, 2019
Hydraulic Linear Drives, Main Products May 3, 2019
    Intellisteer by Octopus: Type A

    For Existing Drives or Autopilot

    • No need for additional drive units. The Intellisteer Wireless Controller is designed to be wired between a Course Computer and Autopilot Drive
    • When the Intellisteer Wireless Controller is activated it will disconnect the autopilot and provide wireless jog steering control from anywhere on the boat
    • When the Intellisteer Wireless Controller is turned off, the Autopilot will function as before
    • Easy DIY installation, no professional installer needed
    • 2 year limited warranty, purchase with confidence


    • Wireless Control (meets FCC standards, auto shut-off, waterproof, over 1M control codes)
    • Receiver Module
    • Easy to use installation kit

    Optional Accessories

    Product Order Code Description
    Additional Pendants OCTAFINTHHFC For adding a second pendant, or to replace original. Can be paired in field with existing receiver. Includes 2 x A23 batteries and lanyard.
    Intellisteer by Octopus, Intellisteer by Octopus Brochure, Marketing April 11, 2023
    Intellisteer by Octopus, Type A April 11, 2023
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