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Daly BMS Info

Daly BMS Activation Procedure -Video - Use battery jumper cables to go from B- to P- to bypass BMS when starting first time or restarting. May be necessary to set Dally BMS max and min v/cell to wide range to get it to charge and start to balance the first time. 

Liston Lifepo4 Battery Cells values for Daly BMS

Broadened Horizons' 48v Battery 270ah 14.7kwh 

  • Max Charge Voltage 57v (3.5 v/cell)
    • maximum cell voltage of 3.65 v/cell  > 0°C (or 2.0 v/cell > -36°C to 0°C)
  • Growatt Undervoltage Cut Off Point 48v (3 v/cell) > 0°C
    • 54.4v Resting Voltage (or trickle setting, though Li batteries should not be trickle charged)
  • BMS “Sum volt low protect” 21v (26.25 v/cell) > 0°C (or 2.0 v/cell > -36°C to 0°C)
    • BMS minimum cell voltage of 2.5 v/cell
      > 0°C (or 2.0 v/cell > -36°C to 0°C)
    • Max voltage deviation between cells 0.8v (default)

*Note from Mark* If battery deactivates to protect itself more frequently than is acceptable, over time it may be necessary to increase maximum cell voltage and decrease minimum cell voltage to account for deviations between cells with wear and tear and avoid complete battery disconnect. Or instead increase entire battery minimum cutoff voltage for example to 41.6 V and maximum charge voltage to 56.4v to avoid damaging individual cells)

Broadened Horizons' 24v Battery 540ah 14.7kwh

  • Charger Max Charge Voltage 28v (3.5 v/cell)
  • Charger 27.2v Resting Voltage (or trickle setting, though Li batteries will not accept a trickle charge)
    • BMS "Max cell voltage" of 3.65 v/cell  > 0°C
      • (or 2.0 v/cell > -36°C to 0°C)
  • Inverter Undervoltage Cut Off Point  24v (3 v/cell) > 0°C
  • BMS “Sum volt low protect” 21v (26.25 v/cell)
    • BMS minimum cell voltage 2.5 v/cell > 0°C
      • (or 2.0 v/cell > -36°C to 0°C)
    • BMS Maximum voltage deviation between cells 0.8v (default)

Daly BMS Settings 

  • Balence current(A): 1A
  • Battery Strings: 0
  • disChg high temp protect (C) 45 Degree C [range 35 C to 65 C]
  • disChg low temp protect (C) -10 Degree C [range 15 C to -35 C]
  • sleep waiting time(S): 3600S
  • balanced open diff volt(V): 0.050V
  • balanced open start volt(V): 3.200V
  • cell volt high protect(V): 3.65V
  • cell volt low protect(V): 2.5V
  • sum volt high protect 28.00V (vs 3.65*8=29.2v?)
  • sum volt low protect 21.00V
  • diff volt protection 0.80V
  • Chg overcurrent protect 100A (default was 225.0A?)
  • dischg overcurrent protect 100A (default was 225.0A?)
  • Rated Capacity 544ah
  • Chg high temp protect 55 C

Daly Wifi+Bluetooth Module announced 06/04/23


How to manage lithium battery remotely?

 1. After the BMS is connected to the WiFi module, use the mobile APP to connect the WiFi module to the router and complete the network distribution.

 2. After the connection between the WiFi module and the router is completed, the BMS data is uploaded to the cloud server through the WiFi signal.

 3. You can remotely manage the lithium battery by logging into the Lithium Cloud on your computer or using the APP on your mobile phone.

How to Connect CAN to PCMaster on your Laptop

Daly BMS Firmware Update


DALY BMS can connect with Victron


How to Connect Daly BMS to Victron GX or Raspberry Pi running Venus OS.

Also for Semplos, Ant, JK, JBD, Heltec, Renolgy BMS's.


Daly Smart BMS Touch screen Connection Tutorial

Active Balancer available as an add-on accessory

Daly BMS State Of Charge Accuracy Problems

How Daly BMS balances your cells and ... actually works!

Cell Compression Only Makes Sense at 1st Cycle Test in Factory

Kalinda Life of Lifepo4 Batteries is 5 to 15 years. Compression could make sense in high charge/discharge rate situations like electric vehicles. Gaps for heat exhaustion affects battery life more.

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