Advocacy Initiative: Economic Community Participation must be open to All

Restrictions and disincentives to economic participation on Persons with Disabilities, the Elderly, Legal Immigrants, and working persons receiving rent assistance or welfare* are counterproductive and perpetuate dependency.

  • INSURANCE IS NOT welfare. Eliminate paternalistic policies. Focus on ability, not current employment as a measure of disability. Many are able to be economically engaged in society, though more limited or alternative capacity when disabled. Simple math.
  • Asset limitations perpetuate and reinforce the cycle of dependency and have been proven ineffective and demonstrated counterproductively. 

That's Great, but How can a disabled person improve their situation NOW?

    Are you receiving SSI? Are you receiving SSDI?
    Would you work if you could keep 100% of your SSI payment to continue to live on, and 100% of what you earned went towards: You could be eligible to receive an additional $794/mo if you save 100% of your SSDI payment towards things that would help you work:
    New car, new computer and adaptive controls, new phone, wheelchair desk, assistive technologies, environmental controls, deposit on a new apartment or condo, or whatever you need to start your own business? 

    PASS is for you!  (Plan to Achieve Self-Support )

    There is NO penalty if your plan is not successful.

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