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Ergonomic U-shaped Joystick Handle

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Our NEW Ergonomic U-shaped Joystick Handle for use with Ultimate Arcade keeps your hand from slipping while playing! The U-Shaped Joystick Handle is form-fitting and ergonomic due to its curved shape and waterfall edge. This design provides maximum driving control while remaining comfortable. It is available in two widths to accommodate the user's hand size and ability to stretch.

Our Joystick Handles with flexible shafts will, by design, slide off of the steel joystick stem if subjected to undue pulling. The U-shaped Joystick Handle design also allows rotation on its shaft. These design features are meant to prevent damage to the joystick box. Altering the product to circumvent these features is not recommended. Our Joystick Handle is designed with a flexible shaft that will fit tightly on any 3/16” (5 mm) or 1/4” (6mm) diameter steel joystick stem.

The difference is in the details: Vertical wings prevent hands from slipping and can be re-shaped using hot water to better conform to the user's hand. Attachment to the joystick box can be temporary by pressing it on or the handle can be made permanent.



Grasp the bottom of your current joystick with a pliers and twist the knob of the joystick with your hands. There is currently glue holding the joystick knob on, so it may take some strength to break the glue seal.

1. Clean the steel joystick stem to remove any dirt, or oil.

2. Moisten the steel joystick stem to facilitate mounting the handle.

3. Grasp the steel joystick stem near the base with pliers to keep from pushing it into the sensitive electrical components of the joystick box.

4. Press the Joystick Handle onto the steel joystick shaft with a twisting motion.

5. To permanently affix joystick handle apply 2-3 drops of super glue to joystick mounting hole before installation.


Specifications: - 101mm (4 in) wide, 51mm (2 in) stem height, Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16 in)

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