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Broadened Horizons

Shirt-front Bite, Puff, or Squeeze Switch for Mpowr Fishing Reels


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Simply clips to the front of users shirt. Is positionable and able to hold its shape. Perfect for multi-user environments with cost-effective, easily replaced, disposable, bite bulbs and tubing. Designed for Mpowr Fishing Reels but will work with any ability switch enabled device.

Can Be Used as a:

  • Bite Switch (dispose of bulbs between users)
  • Puff Switch by blowing gently on end of tubing
  • Grasp Switch, Fist Switch, or Foot Switch with the large squeeze bulb.
  • attached to your favorite mount


  • 1 compact in-line pneumatic switch - 5' of heavy gauge cable, 3.5mm mono jack
  • 10' foot roll of disposable 1/8" ID PVC tubing (can cut into three 3' lengths)
  • 5 soft and responsive pneumatic bite bulbs (25 pack available separately)
  • 1 large squeeze bulb to activate with fist or foot
  • 12" of  stainless steel positioning wire for inside tubing
  • 2 Shirt-front Clips


Compare to Mechanical Bite Switch (see related items)

  Mechanical Bite Switch Pneumatic Bite Switch
Force Required to Activate Medium Minimal, even squeeze air bulb with lips
Advantage Simple, holding corner of mouth or attached a mount and plug attached wire directly into device to be controlled Versatile: Kit includes Bite Bulbs, 1 Curved Anti-Contamination Puff Mouthpiece to optionally add to any favorite headset, and Squeeze Bulb to grip in hand, stepped on, or drive wheelchair over on floor, and more
Multi-User Environments More ideal for individual users, less so for multiuser. When switching between users, wash switch with standard dishwashing detergent similar to a fork or wipe off with alcohol wipe. Simply insert a New, Disposable Bite Bulb for each user. Multipacks of Bite Bulbs are available
Durability Fully sealed and molded within outer housing. Good for 4000-10,000 bytes if extra bite Shield is utilized Modular, pneumatic switch element good for 100,000-1,000,000 activations, tubing and disposable by bulbs & mouthpieces are replaceable. Bite Bulbs individually are good for 10 to 10,000 activations just depending on users habits, how they bite or squeeze bulb.


Replace Bite Bulbs between users. If used as a Puff Switch, replace anti-contamination mouthpieces or 1/8" ID PVC Food-grade tubing between users. 25 pack of bite bulbs or 12 pack of anti-contamination mouthpieces available separately


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Pneumatic Bite, Puff, or Squeeze Switch - Broadened Horizons Direct

Shirt-front Bite, Puff, or Squeeze Switch for Mpowr Fishing Reels

$135.00 USD

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