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Business Technical Assistance Consultant - Self-Employment Specialist for Vocational Rehabilitation


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Mark E Felling, MBA offers his expertise as a Small Business Technical Assistance Consultant and Self-Employment Specialist to State Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation under the Federal Rehabilitation Services Administration. 

If you would like to work with Mark to achieve your business or employment goals, share this page with your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

Mark is particularly and uniquely capable of assisting other disabled or handicapped individuals in identifying their unique individual talents:

  • Mark holds a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from Regis University completed in 2004, the year after his plane crash that resulted in spinal cord injury.
  • Mark completed the coursework for a Certificate in Nonprofit Management with the Florida Association of Nonprofits where he has continued to teach.
  • On the request of the Obama Administration, Mark was a member of a White House committee to expand employment opportunities for the disabled.
  • Mark has 20 years of experience as an Electrical and Rehabilitation Engineer coaching, guiding, inspiring, and designing personalized Assistive Technology Solutions that empower other disabled and handicapped individuals to flourish and contribute those talents to their communities and realize the benefits of financial and economic independence.
  • Mark is a disabled quadriplegic power-wheelchair user himself who has gone through the Vocational Rehabilitation self-employment support process and drives independently to see clients with hand controls.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded and built numerous LLC's, C- Corporations, and Nonprofits domiciled in different states. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to guide others in choosing a form of organization and the best jurisdiction within which to domicile. These are decisions very specific to each individual. 

  • Mark currently serves as Executive Director of 501(c)3 certified inclusive Adventures Inc. he founded in 2018.
  • Mark is President and CEO of Broadened Horizons Inc, a C-Corporation he founded in 2005.
  • His patented Comfort Carrier is the de facto standard for transferring people with disabilities on Commercial aircraft and the best (though as yet unrealized) solution for emergency evacuation. 
  • Mark pioneered adaptive video gaming in 2008 with tens of thousands of people worldwide today playing online is equals on game controllers based on or influenced by his designs such as the Microsoft Access Controller. In 2020 the Veterans Administration made adaptive gaming a funded therapeutic practice through direct therapy departments based on studies Mark supplied and work pioneered in 2012. Yes sweetie
  • Mark started his first business at the age of 13 raising rabbits on the Minnesota dairy farm where he grew up which were sold to a professional processing plant in Arkansas.
  • Mark put himself through University of North Dakota electrical engineering program building computers under his own brand, Felling Micro Systems, in two years growing to being in charge of connecting thousands of students to the universities' ethernet network. and guiding many small Fargo businesses through the transition from paper to computer processes for the first time.
  • Mark also has experience working with and within large multinational companies. He was recruited into marketing management out of college by Caterpillar. 
  • Between 2000 and 2003 Mark flew around the world teaching software quality test automation of embedded system user interfaces in the laboratories of Samsung in Korea, Sony in Japan, Microsoft, Motorola, Intel, Blackberry, making digital entertainment, cellular phones, 

Mark understands the challenges of employing others. He despises bureaucracy and paperwork that does not add value to the products or services provided. He is very knowledgeable of apps, tools, and systems that can help simplify and accelerate the management of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Mark knows entrepreneur burnout. He sold his home in Minnesota and moved aboard houseboat motor yacht M/V Possibilities in 2018 and spent 4 years living aboard with a team of volunteers he managed coached and taught while redesigning and refitting M/V Possibilities to be completely wheelchair friendly. Mark consulted for Airbnb to relaunch their "Adapted" category in December of 2022 where Possibilities is now featured and available for others to come and stay aboard and develop perspective and find their purpose when redefining their sense of self after a major trauma.


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Business Technical Assistance Consultant - Self-Employment Specialist for Vocational Rehabilitation

Business Technical Assistance Consultant - Self-Employment Specialist for Vocational Rehabilitation

$150.00 USD

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