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eChariot Sport Electric Wheelchair Car

eChariot Sport Electric Wheelchair Car

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Sponsor or Grant needed to import, document, and test the first unit which will then be used as a demonstrator and to test drive when touring around the US, Canada, and Mexico and available for anyone to come to Southwest Florida and test drive.

Assuming successful, will be outfitted to be lifted on the flybridge or lower aft deck of Possibilities II Accessible Motor Yacht providing land-based accessible transportation around each port and to be experienced locally as part of planned Great Loop Tour (United States East Coast from Florida to New York and Great Lakes.

Assuming successful, will be secured to a bumper lift similar to those used for large motorcycles on the back of One-If-By-Land Accessible RV to be experienced locally at each destination and provide local accessible transportation without having to move the larger RV as part of planned International Tours around United States, Canada, and Mexico (possibly extended to Central America)

How Funds Will Be Used:

  • $5800 Vehicle & US Market Upgrades
  • $4000 Ocean Freight and Import fees to Port of Wichita Kansas
  • $1500 Develop Control Grips for Quadriplegics with arm movement but little or no hand grasp with partner in Wichita Kansas
  • $500 US Local Licensing and Documentation
  • $1000 LTL Truck Freight to Southwest Florida from Wichita Kansas
  • $0 Create and Publish Videos to Demonstrate viability and generate excitement (assuming volunteer)

Stretch Goals

  • $4000 LTO/Blade Battery Cells Upgrade Range, Rapid Recharge, and Battery Life - $0 electrical design engineering by Mark Felling
  • $2500 Add compact DC Air Conditioner Heat Exchanger $1200 equipment + $1300 custom fabrication

Result: Accessible Personal Affordable Low-Maintenance Transportation for $10,000-$12,000 or $15,000 with upgraded battery performance


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