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Title Sponsor Partner of eChariot Electric Wheelchair Moped

$13,500.00 USD

Title Sponsor Partner Opportunity - very affordably bring awareness to your company/brand by demonstrating leadership to empower disabled wheelchair users with fun affordable personal self-driven motorcycle-like experience at moped speeds  and simplified moped licensing to get to work and be engaged in their local community.

The entire goal is for this demonstration test drive vehicle to travel around the US, Canada, and Mexico get as much airtime on Evening News and develop public awareness of availability.

An ideal sponsor will want to include this vehicle featuring your logo and branding at your own high-visibility events such as racing in addition to our planned smaller group experiences at Veterans Administration hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and large assisted living communities to provide test drives when touring around the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Result: The project will be self-sustaining through USA and export sales. A sponsor who would like to expand reach and visibility in collaboration with their dealer network would be highly desirable. Provides affordable, low-maintenance, personal accessible transportation for $10,000-$12,000 with included performance Lifepo4 Blade batteries.  

How Funds Will Be Used:

  • $4500 Lithium Electric Vehicle with US Marketization
  • $3500 Ocean Freight and Import fees to Port of Miami, FL
  • $2000 Develop Control Grips for Quadriplegics with arm movement but little or no hand grasp with partner in Wichita Kansas
  • $1500 LTL Truck Freight to/from Southwest Florida from Wichita Kansas
  • $500 US Local Licensing and Documentation
  • $0 Create and Publish Videos to Demonstrate viability and generate excitement (assuming volunteer)
  • $1500 Vinyl wrap in your company's brand and colors

Your sponsorship will minimally help to cover the costs to import, document, and test custom-designed quadriplegic control grips for this first test drive unit. 

Vehicle Details

Your wheelchair is your legs. Take it with you! A wheelchair-accessible electric trike moped to get around your local community.  Fun personal independent transportation.

Roll-on in your wheelchair (Drive to the store, around your university campus, meet friends downtown, go fishing, or simply enjoy recreation trails. Perfect in private retirement communities. 

High-speed personal mobility that "nests" you and your manual or lightweight electric wheelchair inside. Use your compact wheelchair for whats its best at - in your home. Then transform it to cover longer distances in style and comfort without destroying your shoulders.

  • Removable Wind, Rain, and Sun Sheild
  • Simple, straightforward controls with only your hands
  • Lifepo4 48v 50ah Batteries can last the life of the vehicle
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Front-wheel drive, Front and Rear Disc Brakes, 16" Wheels
  • Optional, removable Seat
  • Available in Red, Blue, or Silver
  • 21mph (34km/h) max speed (or can be set to a lower safety limit)
  • 35-50 miles (60-80 km) range
  • 330 lb (150kg) max payload (occupant + wheelchair or seat)
  • 353 lbs (160kg) vehicle weight
  • Interior Size - 28.3" wide, 43" long,~59" height (72x110x~150 cm)
  • Exterior Size - 40.6" wide, 70" long, 49.2" to handlebars or 65" height with roof (103 x 175 x 125cm to top handlebars or 165 cm with roof)


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        Title Sponsor Partner of eChariot Electric Wheelchair Moped

        Title Sponsor Partner of eChariot Electric Wheelchair Moped

        $13,500.00 USD

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