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Fingertip or Chin Button Mouse

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  • Precise - Fully digital force sensing technology provides very smooth, precise, control without any moving parts
  • Versatile - Hold in hand, velcro to desktop, wheelshair armrest, or optional 3rd-Arm Under Desktop Mount for precise positioning. Click with built-in buttonsintuitively to left and right of center mouse controller, or click by optionally plugging in any ability switches such as Roughneck Dual Pushbutton, Light Touch, Foot, or Sip and Puff Switches.
  • Simple and Intuitive - Plug it into any computer and start using immediately! No drivers to instill, uses USB Human Interfae Device (HID) drivers built into Windows, Mac, and Linux. (PS/2 adapter available)
  • Rugged - Perfect for multiuser environments and computer labs such as schools, rehab centers, demo and loan programs, etc.


  • Does not require any arm movement. Even the slightest fingertip movement provides excellent control over mouse cursor. Requiring only small fingertip movement, the Fingertip Button Mouse is perfect for some strength in their finger, but very limited movement range such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, or even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • GSA Section 508 - Meets the relevany standards making purchases by the US Government compliant with the Law.

NOT RECOMMENDED for individuals limited by Muscular Dystrophy - unfortunately, the 4 sensitive resistive sensors used in this type of device often require more strength in the finger, then many individuals with muscular dystrophy possess. We have had a number of individuals limited by Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy or less will who use a micro light joystick to control their wheelchair, and that this product might work for them, but at least for these individuals with extremely weak and fingers, a more appropriate product for their needs is the MD & ALS Light Touch Fingertip QuadMouse Package.

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