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  • Give the Gift of INDEPENDENCE through Environmental Control.
  • Give the Gift of EMPOWERMENT through Communications and Computer Access.
  • Give the Gift of FREEDOM to live in one's own HOME providing Comfort, Community, & Dignity.
  • Give the Gift of NEW POSSIBILITIES that provide Perspective, Confidence, & Future Self Determination.
  • Give the Gift of TRAVEL that Breaks down Barriers beyond physical to the heart and soul.
  • Give the Gift of RECREATION because Fun, Joy, and Health are what Life is All About.
  • Give the Gift of BROADENED HORIZONS and profoundly change Someone's Life!


Give The Gift Of BROADENED HORIZONS And Profoundly Change Someone's Life!

Not a physical plastic card necessary. A Printable PDF Certificate with Gift Card Code will be Emailed making a last-minute Gift seem well thought out!

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