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Horizonal Lateral Rotation 33.5 x 78 inch Low Air Loss Mattress

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If you are in a hospital or need to stay in bed in the comfort of your home for any amount of time, a low air loss mattress might be a good choice. As well as helping you maintain a comfortable position, a low air loss mattress can also relieve pressure on vital areas of your body. Low air loss and alternating pressure mattresses are the two most popular types of medical air mattresses recommended for individuals who are at risk of bedsores.

What Are Low Air Loss Mattresses?
Low air loss mattresses are designed to distribute the patient’s body weight over a broad surface area and help prevent skin breakdown. Air continually flows through tiny laser-made air holes in the top of the mattress surface so that the user floats on a soft cushion of air. True air loss mattresses feature greater airflow to maintain optimal skin temperature and moisture levels. Both features help prevent pressure ulcers.

In comparison, alternating pressure mattresses help treat pressure sores by providing two sets of air cells that expand and contract on an alternating basis so as to continually shift pressure.


  • Mattress Length * Width 78" x 33.5"
    • Thickness and Density Df0845-HQ

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  • Package Size: 41" x 13" X 13" 33 pounds (1040 mm x 330 mm x 330 mm 15 kg)

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