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Hybrid Solar AC/DC Air Conditioning -up to 90% energy-saving

$3,500.00 USD

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Can save up to 90% of energy use without batteries, two-way meter, agreements with the electrical company, or any other complexities.

Uses solar energy when it's available and supplements with AC grid power when solar is not available such as at night. Can even run on solar only during AC power outages such as in the developing world.

Maximum Return on Investment from Energy Savings! Avoid "FREE" systems! There is no such thing. Talk to an electrical engineer, not a door-to-door solar salesman!

  • DIY-friendly -Do-It-Yourself, or a competent, less expensive handyman or friend).
  • No inverters -huge savings and reduced complexity -you use what you produce
  • No batteries - batteries only needed for off-grid or at night
  • No complex changes to your home's electrical system or current HVAC
  • No complex agreements with electric grid provider
  • You may not need to pull a permit, depending on how installed and local code

Simply save 80%-90% of the full retail rate you pay for energy during daylight while reducing your environmental impact!

Hybrid Grid-connected Solar is great for your highest energy-consuming appliances.

  • Air Conditioning -90% daytime
  • Heating -80% daytime -electric, propane, natural gas, fuel oil - any kind or system
  • Electric Water Heater - save 95%-100% energy use
  • Chest Freezer - save 95%-100% energy use
  • Can provide up to 2.4 kW Emergency Backup Power during Daylight Hours.
Contact us for off-grid, Marine, recreational vehicle, or 24-hour emergency backup.

    The concept is to replace 80-90% of your daytime use, when electricity is most expensive. The grid serves your energy needs at night when electricity is least expensive, and supplements on cloudy days.


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    Hybrid Solar AC/DC Air Conditioning -up to 90% energy-saving

    Hybrid Solar AC/DC Air Conditioning -up to 90% energy-saving

    $3,500.00 USD

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