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A Dream Maker makes the Impossible Possible for someone you know, a program you support, or one or more unique, highly deserving individuals we have vetted. 
  • Each candidate has made significant, tangible contributions to their communities, contributing their talents, and are considered a role model to others.
  • Each has committed to challenging their personal perceived limitations and is dreaming of an Inclusive, bucket-List cruising experience aboard "Possibilities".
  • Each requests your financial assistance. $2300 helps cover costs for 1 week of cruising for the participant including airfare, food, drinks, fuel, excursions, and volunteer crew. $4500 for participant and caregiver (for those who require).

As a Dream-Maker you will receive private access to a photo and video album of the specific member's dream experience you made real.

Inclusive Adventures is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your Donation is Tax-deductible. You will receive appropriate documentation for the IRS. You can e-mail them the gift card or we will send it to them if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Dream Week - Participate as Volunteer Crew

Should you desire, you may also participate by coming aboard as volunteer crew to help with vessel operations during the week you make possible or another. $10,000 covers 2 participants with caregivers, or 4 participants without caregivers plus yourself.  You will bunk, work, and learn with the crew. Participants will be notified that a volunteer crewmember may have helped make their experience possible, and must confirm their comfort. Most will guess, but you are encouraged not to reveal yourself. Participants may choose to communicate after their experience at their discretion. Compare to typical costs of $2000 per day charter or a non-private 1-week cruise. The memories and impact of a week with us is 10x more personally impactful!

Alternatively, you may choose to participate in one of our AirBnB Experiences.

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