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Konftel 200W Wireless DECT Professional Conference Room Speakerphone


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Konftel 200W Speakerphones Do Not Include a Power Supply. Works great by attaching a RJ45 ethernet-style jack to any common 12V 1A power supply

Requires a DECT Base Station. Konftel DECT Base Station available separately

User Manuals and Quickstart

Konftel 200W ? the DECT conference phone for versatile meetings
The Konftel 200W is a conference phone specially designed for companies that have a DECT infrastructure. It can be connected to existing GAP-compatible DECT systems or a Konftel DECT base station. With easy-to-use functions and optional extra microphones, the Konftel 200W is ideally suited for meetings in larger conference rooms.


  • OmniSound ? crystal clear sound
  • Natural sound ? in both directions (full Duplex)


  • A practical unit, simple to connect and use
  • Cordless connection to GAP-compatible DECT systems
  • Large, illuminated display
  • Keypad
  • User-friendly menu system
  • Tape recorder output
  • Expansion microphones and remote control as optional

Now you can hold a meeting anytime ? regardless of distance and pressing schedules. Konftel makes telephone conferencing the ideal alternative, providing an opportunity to bring people together and hold spontaneous meetings to reach instant decisions. Konftel conference units are all equipped with the unique OmniSound  feature ? optimal sound for totally natural, crystal clear communication.

Convenient conferencing!
The Konftel 200W is a conference phone that opens up your of?ce. It connects cordlessly to the majority of DECT systems providing greater versatility. As a result, the unit can be used to hold phone meetings practically anywhere in the building, without being restricted to phone sockets. For an instant meeting, simply plug in the power connector and make your calls. Konftel can also supply a base station to of?ces that do not have a DECT system. The Konftel DECT base station can be connected to an analogue output and provides cordless connection up to 300 metres. Cordless handset units can also be connected to Konftel DECT base stations.

User-friendly functions
The Konftel 200W has a keypad with a mute button, an R-button for multi-party calls and a menu button. The menu system and base station radio coverage appear in the clear, illuminated graphic display. Choose which base station you want the Konftel 200W to be connected to by using the menu system. Plus the phone book can store up to 50 contacts, along with the last called number, volume settings for the loudspeakers, date, time and call time.

Ideal for larger meetings
Expansion microphones can be connected to the Konftel 200W to provide increased range and optimal sound conditions in larger meeting rooms. The loudspeaker volume level increases automatically and the range doubles, from 30 m2 to 70 m. This provides superlative sound quality. The optional remote control adds further ease to meetings, allowing you to control all the Konftel 200W functions such as the speed dialling buttons for the most frequently used phone numbers.

OmniSound  - crystal clear sound®
Walk and talk freely around your room with consistently high quality sound. There is no irritating sound clipping, damping or echoes. OmniSound produces natural sound in both directions (full Duplex) as well as 360° sound pick-up and reproduction. An ultra-sensitive microphone provides omni-directional sound pick-up and three built-in surround speakers provide crystal clear sound through the room.


  • Power supply: Transformer 240 V AC/12 V DC, 700 mA. Electrical cable, modular 4/4.
  • Tele connection: DECT/GAP.
  • Compatibility: The Konftel 200W can be connected to most market-leading GAP-compatible DECT systems. The Konftel 200W can be connected to four systems (automatic or manual choice). The Konftel 200W has programmable R-pulse for country/PBX customisation.
  • Approval: CE
  • Range: Up to 300 m in open space, up to 50 m in building.
  • Rec. room conditions: Reverberation time: < 0.5 sec. Background noise: 45 dBA.
  • Temperature: 5° - 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 20%-80% condensation free.
  • Reception area: Microphone < 30 m2.
  • Tape recorder output: 3.5 mm mono jack.
  • Size: 232 mm diameter.
  • Weight: 700 grams.
  • Colour: Deep sky-blue.

900102074 Expansion microphones. Increase the range to 70m2.
900102038 Remote control.
900103342 Tape recorder cable.
900103339 Extension cable, electrical, 10 metres.
900102067 Travel case.
149110 Ceiling mount suspension.
900102071 Konftel DECT base station.

DECT - Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone. DECT incorporates encryption for maximum call security. GAP (Global Access Pro? le) ensures the interoperability of DECT equipment of different manufacturers.


Have a system not listed in the table? Please send an e-mail to and we will help you.





Aastra Ascotel 16 Yes
Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (Release 5.1.2) Yes Tested and certified in the Alcatel Application
Partner lab.
Alcatel OmniPCX Office (Release 4) * *) Acoustic performance can be reduced.
Ascom DCT1800-S/-GAP Yes
Avaya Integral 5 / 55 / 33 Yes The product has been tested and certified by
Avaya in their laboratorium in Frankfurt,
Ericsson MD110 (Release: BC12.1) Yes Find the 13 digit IPEI# under the 200W.
Get a AC (Authentification Code) from
the MD110 administrator and enter as PIN in
Konftel 200W.
Ericsson Businessphone Integrated DECT * *) Incoming call is not supported in all systems.
Ericsson MD Evolution XL (MRX: 1.3 (IWU-1.03)) Yes
Ericsson MX-ONE Version 3 Yes
Nortel Yes
Panasonic KX-TDA 15 v.2.2020
DECT base station: KX-TDA0141CE v.1.005
Philips Sopho IS3000 Call@Net 3.4 Yes
Philips Sopho 2000 IPS (Release: 9) Yes
Siemens HiPath 3800 (v.5)
Tested with : (HE600P.06.779) SLCN S3010Q2193X300
(Base station: BS4 S00807-U5491-X-4)
Yes The product has been tested by Konftel in the Siemens HiPath Ready lab.

The Conference function is not supported by the Hipath 3800 PBX via the GAP interface.
Siemens HiPath 3000 (v.4/5)
v.5 Tested with: HiPath 3500 (HE600S.07.817, BS4)
v.4 Tested with: HiPath 3300 (HE580U.13.960, BS3)
Yes The product has been tested by Konftel in the Siemens HiPath Ready lab.

The Conference function is not supported by the Hipath 3000 PBX via the GAP interface.

Some Siemens SW releases (v.4) do not support incoming calls and ring signal.The problem is solved by upgrading to a newer version ie. HE580U.13.960.

Some Siemens SW releases (v.4) do not support DTMF from 200W on incoming external and internal calls. The problem is solved by upgrading to a newer version ie. (HE580U.13.960).
Siemens HiPath 4000 (v.2.0) (v.1.0) Yes The product has been tested by Konftel in the
Siemens HiPath Ready lab.
» Test report



Modell Tested Notes
Siemens Gigaset S645 Yes
Siemens Gigaset SL150 Yes
Siemens Gigaset S100 Yes
Siemens Gigaset 4015 Micro Yes


Set up

How do I activate DTMF on a Konftel 200W?
If you have a Konftel 200W with a serial number that ends with R2B (or higher) you can activate DTMF by pressing MENU then R+9. The display will show DTMF and then reboot. To disable DTMF press MENU then R+4.

How do I connect a conference call with my Konftel?
Do as follows:

  • Call the first participant. Wait for an answer.
  • Then press R (F in America) and wait for a new dialling tone.
  • Call the second participant. Wait for an answer.
  • Press R (F in America) then 3 (this command can be different in different PBX environment). Three participants are now connected in a conference call. To connect more than 3 participants (provided that the PBX supports it) continue as follows:
  • Press R (F in America) again. Wait for a new dialling tone.
  • Call the next participant. Wait for an answer.
  • Finish with R (F in America) followed by 3. Repeat this for as many participants as the PBX supports. Note that 3-party calls do not work with certain PBX's.

How do I set up a conference call with a Konftel telephone?
If three parties wish to have a conference call, it can be done with the help of the three party conference call function in the telephone network/PBX. If more than three parties are to engage in the conference call, you can use a conference call service provided by a service provider.

I can't find my system in the vendor list when I try to register, what can I do?
The vendor list will not affect the registration part. It is only used to adjust the levels to the different systems. Please select "Other" if your system is not in the list.

I can't register to our DECT system when using a PARK code
Please try to register without a PARK code. Just press OK when the device asks for a PARK code. Then the Konftel will try to find the correct PARK code.

I hear an echo during the call. What should I do?
Perform a manual room calibration (trimming). This is heard as static of about 0.5 seconds in length. From the remote or the keyboard, do the following: * Konftel 50 and 60W: Press the Trim button. * Konftel 100/D and 100/R: Press the + and - volume buttons simultaneously. * Konftel 100, 200 and 200NI: Press the volume buttons (down arrow /up arrow) simultaneously or press the trim button on the remote. You could also try to lowering the volume on the Konftel to improve the audio quality.

I press the R/F button but don't get a new dial tone when I want to call next participant. What's wrong?
You have to change the default R pulse/Flash time. It can vary from country to country but also depend on the PBX to which Konftel is connected.


The person on the other end who called in to the meeting says they hear an echo. What should I do?
Decrease the volume a notch on the Konftel as shown in the instructions in the user guide.

When connecting the telephone clicks one or more times. What is the problem?
There is nothing wrong. Some Konftel telephones make this noise at the beginning of every call. Either once or three times. When this click occurs, a room calibration takes place to ensure that the telephone works perfectly in your room. When the click occurs three times, it is because the room has difficult acoustics, such as a long echo (longer than 0.5 seconds) or the level of background noise is louder than 45 dBA. Because of the environment, the telephone does not then provide optimal performance.


Can I use the Konftel if I don't have an existing DECT/GAP infrastructure?
Yes, Konftel has a optional DECT base station that can be wallmounted. The Konftel DECT basestation is connected directly to a analog telephone line/extension. With one base the DECT coverage is limited to up to 50 meters between the base and the Konftel. It can be registered to 4 different base systems or Konftel DECT base stations. In this way the coverage can be complete.


Can anyone bugg my calls on my wireless Konftel?
Konftel has a built-in encryption based on derived or static 64 bits cipher keys.

My Konftel is connected to a PBX. I follow the instructions for multiparty calls, but it doesn't work.

  1. Your PBX does not support mulipart calls. Contact your PBX reseller for upgrading.
  2. Your PBX needs another command than R3 to connect more parties, read the table below. Note that the commands can differ due to settings in the PBX.










IP Office



Integral 55


Add-on conference

must be active








Sopho IS3000


F*3 for new line


Office Serv 500



HiCom Office





or F*3 or *53







What about access security when the Konftel is wirelessly connected?
DECT has a built-in 128-bit authentication and identification. The Konftel has to be registered with an AC code (PIN) in the DECT system before starting using it.

Will the Konftel interfere with with WLAN/802.11 wireless data networks?
WLAN (802.11) operates on the 2,4GHz band. DECT operates on the 1880-1900 MHz frequency band (Europe). Therefore there should not be any interference between DECT and WLAN.


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  • Expedited shipping options are available for an additional cost.

Konftel 200W Wireless DECT Professional Conference Room Speakerphone

Konftel 200W Wireless DECT Professional Conference Room Speakerphone

Regular price   $600.00 USD Sale price   $199.00 USD

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