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19'' Flexarm USB Desktop Microphone - Noise-Canceling Voice Recognition

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Freedom to pull up to and away from the computer independently without being tethered by wires, yet position it up close to your mouth for resolve similar to a close talk headset. Versatile: unplug it from its base and take it with you on your laptop!

Cost-effective clarity and cord-free convenience for voice recognition
  • Simple, driverless USB plug-and-play connection
  • Advanced Digital USB provides superior clarity eliminates analog noise associated with cheaper 3.5mm audio port microphones
  • Noise canceling microphones filters out unwanted background noise
  • Stable weighted base
  • Testing has shown these microphones perform 95%-98% as well as much more expensive alternatives
  • Also consider our new TalkFar 100' Wireless USB Voice-Recognition Microphone



  • Windows PC (all ver.) and Mac 9.1 or higherRemove Mic Flexarm from base and plug into laptop USB directly
  • Provides optimal positioning
  • Independently tested by voice-recognition developer as "excellent"
  • 5' silver/clear braided USB cable on hemispherical base


  • Height= 1" to Max 22", Diameter= 4"
  • Freq. Response= 35Hz-18KHz
  • Sample Rate= 48KHz
  • Sample Depth= 16-bit
  • User Manual

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