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Nurse Call Sip-or-Puff or Sip-n-Puff or Bite Single or Dual Function Switches

Nurse Call Sip-or-Puff or Sip-n-Puff or Bite Single or Dual Function Switches

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Perfect for Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centers an extremely versatile. can function where both either a gentle sip or puff or bite or squeeze activate the nurse call. In Dual function mode off activates the nurse call and sip activates auxiliary switch scanning and/or voice dialing speakerphone, environmental controls, wireless intercoms, and much more. Disposable multipacks of Sip & Puff Mouthpieces, Bite Bulbs, & Squeeze Bulbs available separately as well as various mounts for bed, walls, wheelchairs, and more.

  • Very Responsive - requires only a light sip or puff of air (about pressure of inhaling or exhaling)
  • Alternatively use Bite Bulb or Squeeze Bulb
  • Great if you are able to drink or can blow bubbles through a straw
  • Substitute for 2 buttons or other Ability or Nurse Call Switches
  • Compact - only 2.5"x 2.5"x1"


  • 1 industry standard 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) nurse call mono plug on 7 foot wire
  • Single or Dual function toggle switch
  • 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) industry standard female ability switch Jack plus 6 foot 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) male to male mono cable for auxiliary device activation such as For PC Mall Switch Scanning or Voice Dialing Speakerphone, Housemate Switch Scanning Environmental Controller for Android, Wireless Intercom, etc.
  • 1/8 inch pneumatic nipple to connect Sip & Puff Tubing
  • Manufactured with custom made antimicrobial tubing

Requires Sip & Puff Bed Mount, Flexarm Mount, Headset, or Tubing Kit and for multi-user environments: disposable Sip & Puff Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces, Bite Bulbs, and Squeeze Bulb Multipacks.

Can be used as Single Function or Dual Function with the flip of a switch. Single Function means any action, a sip, a puff, or a bite will all activate the nurse call system. Dual Function means while a sip activates the Nurse Call system, a puff can be used to activate an additional auxiliary items such as Landline & Mobile Speakerphones, ECU Environmental Controls, Wireless Intercom, Wireless Remote Assistance Call Chime when moving home, and any other ability switch activated device.

Sip & Puff items non-refundable for hygienic reasons

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