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Single Arm Mount'n Mover with Locking Tilt & Quick Release Plate

Mount'n Mover
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Introduction to Wheelchair Mounting

Connecting to a wheelchair can be the most difficult part of setting up a mounting system.
We are here to help!

Wheelchair mounting is divided into two components:

  • Part A: Choose a Wheelchair Bracket

The Mount'n Mover post attaches to a Wheelchair Bracket. You have a choice of:

  • an Adjustable Angle Wheelchair Bracket, or
  • a Solid Wheelchair Bracket
  • PartB: Choose Wheelchair Bracket Attachment Hardware

The wheelchair frame you want to attach to dictates which hardware will work best. Additional components to extend mounting point or avoid obstacles are available.

Tools needed to attach the Mount'n Mover system:
  • Phillips Screwdriver (we prefer size #2)
  • 3/16" Hex Key (one is provided with each mount)
  • In some cases, an adjustable wrench or 7 /16" wrench is required
Removing existing hardware may require tools not mentioned above.

Prefer a print copy? Download our complete Wheelchair Attachment Guide

Continue to part A Choose Wheelchair Bracket

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