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Hybrid AC/Solar PV DC-Direct Water Heater Thermal Energy Storage

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+Heats water directly from 1-2 Solar panels by day and stores it for your shower the next morning with less than 8 degrees heat loss.

26 Gallon (100L) Solar 72V DC Photovoltaic Water Heater can replace an older, much larger 80 gallon tank

How it Works

  • First Solar PV DC-Direct water heater in the world - Extremely Efficient!
  • Ultra-insulated Water Heater functions like a Thermal Battery storing energy throughout the night and remains hot for your morning shower
  • Hybrid - 72V Solar DC-Direct + 220V AC simultaneously - 240v AC is ONLY a backup, even in winter nearly no need for grid electricity
  • Nearly no need for grid power in winter only with 400w-600w solar panels for different areas.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Does not require an inverter or batteries any other equipment


  • Power consumption is only half of the traditional electrical water heater if only use grid power.
  • 2 grade higher than the best water heater standard on Energy consumption and heating insulation. 24-hour temperature loss is less than 8 degrees
  • Efficiency Data: 2 levels better than the best top standard.
  • 24H Intrinsic energy consumption coefficient only 0.46.
  • Intrinsic energy consumption coefficient Level 1<=0.6;Level 2<=0.7;Level3<=0.8;Level 4<=0.9;Level5<=1.
  • The hot water output rate is as high as 94.8%; the highest level 1, is only more than 70%. Level 2 would be more than 60%.

  • No need to waste minutes of cold water before hot water
  • Constant water temperature for more comfort!
  • Easy DIY installation possible and Safe to Use



  • PV Peak Voltage: 72V DC
  • PV Open Circuit Voltage: 84V DC
  • Grid Power: 240v AC 50 Hz
  • Rated Power Consumption: 2500 W/H
  • Temperature Range: 86F (30-85℃)

  • Tank Material: 304SUS
  • Insulation Thickness: 55mm
  • Insulation Density: 34 Kg/m³
  • Insulation Material: Environmentally friendly Polyurethane
  • Natural Energy Consumption Coefficient: 0.46 24hε
  • Energy Consumption Level: Super Grade 1
  • Energy Efficiency Level of Whole Machine: Super Grade 1
  • Hot Water Output Efficiency (μ): 94.8%
  • Nominal Pressure: 0.8 MPa
  • The model indicates an equivalent average Water Heater. For example, BH-40L-D100L means equal to 100L water output. 
Model Sizes
GF-60L-D150L GF-100L-D300L
Equivalent Capacity 26 Gal (100L 40 Gal (150L) 80 Gal (300L)
Tank Capacity 10.6 Gal (40L) 16 Gal (60L) 26.4 Gal (100L)
Tank External Diameter  16" (410mm)
Tank Length 760mm 900mm
PV Peak Power 400W+  550W+  1200W
Package Size   inches (mm)    
Gloss (Kg)       
*Builder Special Order Sizes MOQ 10 pcs: Gal (125L/L) and Gal (200L/L)


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Hybrid AC/Solar PV DC-Direct Water Heater Thermal Energy Storage

Hybrid AC/Solar PV DC-Direct Water Heater Thermal Energy Storage

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