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Double Sided Tape for SafePath

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PRODUCT: #10897 High Temperature Self Adhering Double Sided Butyl Rubber Sealant Tape. 1" Wide X 1/8" thick X 50 Foot roll with easy-release silicone coated paper. Price/Roll. (aka # 11197) (many other sizes and thicknesses available)

APPLICATIONS: MB-10A , premium high performance elastomeric butyl rubber sealant meets the critical requirements of metal buildings, curb mounts, RV roofs, and other structures. Also meets or exceeds all sealing requirements for the window glazing, air-conditioning, and refrigeration industries. The Butyl Rubber Tape is extruded on silicone-coated paper for easy application. SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES: MB-10A provides many qualities that result in a superior seal, greater longevity, and easy application.

Advantages include: * Greater cohesive strength * Superior adhesive strength * Withstands extreme roof temperatures * Superior low temperature compressibility * Cold flow resistant * Resistant to UV light * Contains anti-oxidants, fungicides, and anti-bacterial agents * Seal not affected by normal movement of building * Wide service temperature range * Non-asbestos * The rolls are packaged in water-resistant cartons for job site storage and export convenience.

PROPERTIES: Solids: 100% Service Temperature: -35°F to 250°F. Application Temperature: 35°F to 110°F. Bonding Time: Immediate water tight seal. Full bond in 24 hours. Shelf Life: 24 Months Peel Strength: 15 pounds per linear inch. Water Resistance: Excellent.

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