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VitaGlide® 2.0 Accessible Exercise Machine


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Inclusive Upper Body Fitness

The VitaGlide® is perfect for the home gym, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, or any public gym where individuals need a machine that strengthens the upper body arm, chest, back, and shoulder muscles, develops core muscles, while offering a powerful cardio workout. Heralded as one of the best cardio conditioning exercises for wheelchair users, your workouts also reinforce the shoulder orbit.

2.0 Offers two dynamic motions simulating cross-country skiing (push–then-pull arms separately) and rowing (push-together-pull-together), the VitaGlide® can also work the oblique muscles for a total upper body workout.

New 2.0 updates include an interactive digital display to track your time, resistance and distance so you can build on your own progress.

SAVE $2500 NOW on last few 2.0 units!  There are just a handful of 2.0 units left before 3.0 launches.  Inclusive clients Save extra $500 through executive director Mark Felling's close relationship with the original designer and new owners. Inclusive clients receive an exclusive $3,495 clearance price! Get yours now before the price goes up to $5k-$6k with the launch of version 3.0!

Vitaglide® 2.0

  • Independent, adjustable smoother resistance on each arm individually. 2.0 now works for hemiplegics from stroke or amputees, and a wider range of workouts including core
  • Articulation of 15” and increased inside arm width to 33″
  • Built-in 10" LCD Touchscreen
  • Workout feedback: distance, time, (stopwatch or timer), and resistance
  • 10 levels of resistance
  • Glide Factor™ – goal-setting function to get the most out of your workouts

VitaGlide®, the original was developed for wheelchair clients in the early 2000’s, was an immediate hit. Users finally had a machine that effectively addressed shoulder impingement issues, strengthened the upper body, and focused on the core muscle group. After a corporate buyout to acquire another Pool Lift product line,  the new owners discontinued VitaGlide production as a more Niche product and it was not available after 2009.

A husband and wife team, fans of the VitaGlide’s® unique patented design, acquired the rights to produce it in 2000.  VitaGlide® 2.0 has been completely re-engineered. “VitaGlide® 2.0” was built to bring back a great exercise machine for not only clients in wheelchairs but a broader population who could benefit from the VitaGlide® patented motion.

2.0 Shipping

  • Budget $350-$550 for LTL Truck Freight shipping in the continental United States.
  • Crate Dimensions 56 × 48 × 38 inches: Weight 204 lbs
  • Ship from Rockledge, FL 32955 USA

Vitaglide 3.0 Coming in 2025 - $0 No Risk Pre-order Now!

  • Feature a new Samsung wireless removable tablet.  anticipated $5,000
  • Features an online app with performance tracking and more



Conditioning - Develop endurance and boost your energy. Enjoy workouts replicating “rowing” and “cross-country skiing” motions.

Cardio - Great seated cardio workout. Increase your heart rate and sweat it out.

Strength - Build your core, oblique, back, and arm muscles. Strengthen shoulder orbit muscles to prevent shoulder impingement.


“To meet the complex needs of upper extremity conditioning without the hazards imposed by standard arm ergometry, the newly upgraded and technologically advanced Vitaglide better serves as an exercise mode after SCI/D”  - Read full article

Mark S. Nash, Ph.D., FACSM, FASIA , Associate Scientific Director for Research, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Imagine building upper-body strength, boosting your cardio health, and getting more out of life- without having to leave your home. That’s what can happen with a home VitaGlide®. The upper-body machine that is a favorite in wellness centers and rehab facilities is also available for home use.

That means that the way to a healthier you is as close as the next room. There will be no more waiting for an appointment at the rehab center or the hassles of traveling to improve your health and well-being. When you have your own VitaGlide®, you can work out when the time is right for you. For most, that means more frequent workouts and a stronger, healthier you. 

Make VitaGlide® part of your daily routine now! Pay over time with 4 Payments. 

Check with your physician and insurer to find out if a VitaGlide® is covered by your policy by completing and submitting this example Letter of Medical Necessity. If denied request through your state's Medicaid Wavier Program.

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VitaGlide® 2.0 Accessible Exercise Machine

VitaGlide® 2.0 Accessible Exercise Machine

$3,295.00 USD

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