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VoiceIR Environmental Voice Controller ECU - VoiceMe - Tested Open Box


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Voice Control your TV, DVD, TiVo, Stereo, ANYTHING with an infrared remote without reading directions or finding quickly outdated codes! Learns from your original remote, simply talking you through the process by speaking to you. Simply plug in & start using! Stylish & compact 8" diameter great on bedside nightstand and family room coffee table.

Funding assistance available through Veterans Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, & Worker's Compensation or State AT Financing & Loan Programs

SOLID Professional Services mean success!

  • Includes 1 Hour Dedicated Professional Phone Training and Setup Support.  Certified Resellers, Installers, & AT Experts may choose to provide these services and receive an additional discount.
  • 30 Day Exchange Warranty backed by Broadened Horizons directly so no third parties to deal with or hoops to jump through!  Warranty of one year for greater security and peace of mind. 
  • Many fully integrated and tested Expansion Controllers available. See Related Items or Customize your Environmental Control ECU QuickStart Kit

*These units are Open Box. They are the absolute last units available in the world. Most were a customer return where voice recognition simply didn't work for them. Each unit was tested by our technician with voice commands recorded and infrared signals sent working well and repackaged with an original, matching power supply. 

These open box units have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee exchange warranty. If you have any problems programming it with your voice, just let us know and we can also walk you through it on the phone, WhatsApp, or Skype. We have had thousands of very satisfied customers on these units over the years.

Alternatively, our newer technology is the Stratus Voice at $2000 which we actually program infrared signals remotely in the cloud, however many of our customers have had a unit for five or 10 years and don't want to change.

The VoiceIR may need to be periodically rebooted, just like a Windows computer to clearance cashe. Many customers have never had this issue but a few have. It will never affect the memory, and improves reliability and voice recognition consistency. Noisy environments where it is listening and trying to sift through lots of background noise are more likely to need a periodic reboot. It may be once a month, once a week, or once a day. A caregiver can do this by simply unplugging it and plugging it in when it is unresponsive or, a convenient automated way to do this is an inexpensive programmable wall outlet module that simply turns off the power for 30 seconds once a day such as a $20 Wemo module.

-------- Additional Details ---------

After testing the first prototype, the VoiceIR has been next to my bed ever since! The voice control quality is impressive, I've even been able to command it successfully from all the way across the room with the TV on! - Mark Felling, President

Voice Control Your World! The VoiceIR Environmental Voice Controller ECU (Voice Me) provides complete, 100% hands-free voice control for the mobility impaired and blind over your TV, Digital Cable/Satellite, DVD/Blu-ray, Stereo, TiVo/DVR or anything else controlled by an infrared handheld remote such as inexpensive space heaters or air-conditioners available from Walmart with a infrared remote. VoiceIR means Independence, Security, Entertainment, & Communications using only your voice for Complete Environmental Control! Superior voice control, do-it-yourself simplicity & ease-of-use, with greater reliability over much more expensive alternatives. Learns from your original remote, simply talking you through the process eliminating the need to find quickly outdated codes.

Add-on options are available to control lights, an assistance request chime, power adjustable beds, landline speakerphone, thermostat, powered door and window openers, a fan or anything else that can be plugged into the wall, anything that can be controlled by an ability switch, and much more. 

The unit features two separate and unique voice recognition models for keywords and commands significantly outperforming other voice control devices.  When you say your keyword, "TV" it responds "Yes?"  And automatically meets your TV. now it will clearly understand your command: "channel up" or "CNN", will repeat the command back to you to confirm it understood, and then automatically unmute your TV.

The VoiceIR Voice Controller supports up to 120 voice commands, each command can be a macro sequence of up to 10 button pushes such as "Up 10" for navigating the guide or "play movie" that turns on multiple devices, so it is all of the inputs, pauses for 30 seconds while your Blu-ray boots up, and finally presses play. The commands are organized into 4 keyword-command groups for ease-of-use, reducing the number of commands that must be remembered across multiple devices with similar buttons and supporting 1 to 4 different users.

Expand Your System, controlling everything completely by voice or ability switches!

Request help from bed at night with a pleasant remote, plug-in chime

Securely open front door or garage door from bed when a care attendant arrives without giving out keys or codes. Call, answer, name dial, digit dial, and more with landline phone or cell phone.

Stay comfortable controlling your thermostat, space heater, air-conditioner, ceiling fan, heating pad, electric blanket, fans/ionizer, and more

Advanced programmable motion control of front entry, garage, & interior lighting and doors!

Dim Lights when getting up in morning, going to bed, or watching TV

Raise or lower your Power Adjustable Bed by voice control!

Open or close windows, blinds, and drapes

The VoiceIR System is a complete ECU yet offers Much More for Much Less!

  • More Control with 120 voice commands, each capable of a 10 command sequence

  • More Versatility for multiple users, any language, slurred speech, pushbutton control, even nonvocal

  • More Reliability than computer-based Environmental Control Systems (ECUs)

  • More Simplicity with straightforward Do-It-Yourself setup. Make changes yourself over time!

  • More Compatibility for other manufacturer's equipment - leverage prior investments & ensure future expandability

  • Less Upfront Investment - only buy what you need and add functionality any time

  • Less Total Investment (3%-10%) for the same capabilities compared to alternatives 

Ability Switch  Activated Environmental Controllers are also available for the nonvocal 

Special Features for the Mobility Impaired

Magic keyword operation provides truly and completely hands-free / button-free operation!

Simply place a unit in each room where you would like to be able to issue voice commands

Special Features for the Blind (and making VoiceIR easier for everyone to use!)

No Setup Instructions to Read!  Just press 1 of the 4 buttons and the interactive, User Friendly Voice Guide intuitively instructs you what to do during setup and use

Selectable response to the magic keyword fits individual preferences and prompts for your command

Repeats command recognized for affirmative confirmation that it performed the desired operation

Patent 7,624,458. Reproduction or use of this concept / design without the express written permission of Broadened Horizons, Inc. is strictly prohibited.


User Manual 1 - gDoc | PDF

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VoiceIR Environmental Voice Controller ECU - VoiceMe - Tested Open Box

VoiceIR Environmental Voice Controller ECU - VoiceMe - Tested Open Box

$965.00 USD

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