Ez-Cast Wheelchair Armrest Fishing Rod Holder with Cast-Assist - Broadened Horizons Direct
Ez-Cast Wheelchair Armrest Fishing Rod Holder with Cast-Assist - Broadened Horizons Direct

Pre-order Ez-Cast Wheelchair Armrest Fishing Rod Holder with Cast-Assist

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Total Cost is $450. Pre-order of $50 tells us your serious to justify production and holds your delivery position. When ready to ship we will e-mail you a payment request for $400 balance.

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New and improved Ez-Cast for individuals with some arm movement but little or no finger dexterity such as Quadriplegic, Dual Arm Amputee, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, or Cerebral Palsy.

Background Story
Van originally designed and developed the Van's Ez-Cast in the 1980s for quadriplegics like himself. Mark, Broadened Horizons President and himself a C5 Quadriplegic, first acquired one of the few remaining Van's Ez-Cast in 2004, the year after his own plane crash. Van, now himself in his 80's sold us his last unit a few years ago which Broadened Horizons gifted to one of our client's, Mac, as a thank you for an invite to come down and stay with his family in North Carolina on the Outer Banks and do some fishing together (Thanks Mac!). Mac had an older over-powered fishing reel which we switch-enabled with Sip-n-Puff but he had no way to handle the Rod or cast. With the combination of the power reel and Ez-Cast we pulled in our limit of trout, though I missed quite a few bites as I was still trying to manually crank.

Later Van asked Broadened Horizons to continue manufacturing and making the Ez-Cast available for individuals like himself with limited dexterity. Finally, with the assistance and ingenuity of a local volunteer, we are able to reintroduce the NEW and IMPROVED Ez-Cast coupled with the industry's best M-Pow-R Accessible Powered Fishing Reel enhanced by Broadened Horizons, but also developed right here in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes by one of our own enthusiastic fisherman, himself now retired from dentistry. We are now able to offer you a COMPLETE SOLUTION for mobility impaired Fishermen worldwide!

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