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HandiCare C-Series Fixed Ceiling Lifts


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C-Series permanent or fixed patient ceiling lifts are the gold standard best of the best for home care, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and government facilities. Previously sold under well-known brands Prism Medical, Waverly Glen, and Medcare.

Contact us to help design your track layout. Email any simple drawing of room dimensions and two or more locations in the room or rooms where the person would need to be raised or lowered.


  • C-1000, C-800, C-625, and C-450 each correspond to a maximum 1000 lbs, 800 pounds, 625 pounds, and 450 pounds. Of course the C-1000 is the heaviest duty, longest lasting model that works for the widest range of patients


  • Power Traverse will drive itself across the track using left and right buttons on the controller. Can be used with straight track or manual XY track to reach any point in the room.
  • Power Traverse RTC or "Return to Charger" has an extra button on the controller that when pushed will automatically fully raise the spreader bars and automatically drive back to its charger.
  • Power XY will not only drive itself across the X Track but also drive the X Track along the Y Track. Transstrip Track with a slot at the top for insertion of the Transstrip (sold separately part #360439) is required for Power XY gantry and Omni-Charge (constant charge) applications.
  • Manual Traverse raises and lowers and the caregiver very gently often with just a single finger pushes or pulls the patient across the track.

Handicare Fixed Ceiling Lifts 

The C-series fixed ceiling lifts make it possible for caregivers to safely lift and transfer people of all sizes with respect and dignity. 

  • Digital display with built-in diagnostics
  • Weight Limit: 1000 lbs (454 kg)
  • Tandem model dual-motor option for precision lifting
  • Lift counter for maintenance and compliance
  • Constant charge
  • Emergency stop/lowering
  • 1000 lb scale
  • Four carry bar designs for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Quick Release System for simple interchange of carry bars
  • Range of sling sizes and styles for most transfer maneuvers
  • Custom slings on demand
  • Assessment, design, installation, and training available

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HandiCare C-Series Fixed Ceiling Lifts

HandiCare C-Series Fixed Ceiling Lifts

Regular price   $5,668.00 USD Sale price   $1,995.00 USD

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