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Broadened Horizons

History of the Ultimate Arcade

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This page is an archive of past Ultimate Arcade versions since launched in 2008.

The Ultimate Arcade 3 will begin in late 2022. Preorder now.

We can Refurbish your Ultimate Arcade 2 to better than original with new Drift-free Industrial Joysticks, new Sip-n-Puff Switches, and replacing any sticking arcade buttons.

The Ultimate Arcade is a Limited Dexterity Arcade Controller for individuals with movement in 1 or both arms but little or no hand/finger dexterity such as: some C4, C5, C6, C7 Quadriplegics, Cerebral Palsy, Amputees of fingers or hand. Designed by Broadened Horizons from the chip level up and custom-manufactured in-house with 2 large analog arcade joysticks, and 18 extra-large accessible arcade buttons + internally integrated Sip-n-Puff or Bite Handsfree Switches allowing you to zoom in and fire a gun without ever taking your hands off the joysticks!

100% game and console compatibility across PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows/Mac/Linux PC Computer, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Wii U Classic, and Nintendo Switch Controller. Features 2 large proportional analog joysticks wrapped in our sticky rubber wrap (no grasp needed), 18 large fist-accessible arcade buttons, PLUS built-in Hands-free Sip-n-Puff Switches for quick accurate sniper shots it is in first-person shooters, hands-free gas & brake when racing, and more!

The Ultimate Arcade 2 is designed by a quadriplegic for quadriplegics. . It represents the culmination of Broadened Horizons unique experience empowering individuals with upper extremity limitations to play 100% of the games across all platforms WITHOUT limitations. Our mantra: you can go anonymously online and compete as an equal and NO ONE knows your disabled until you whoop their butt and decide to brag that your fingers are completely nonfunctional!

This revolutionary game controller was a huge development effort incorporating everything we wanted to improve upon since the version 1 Ultimate Arcade arrived on the scene in 2009. Even the ergonomic's were considered so the controller can comfortably sit on your lap with the joysticks straight out in front of your shoulders reducing the hunch over affect and resulting back pain quads often experience with limited muscles in the upper back, chest.

100% Game Compatibility across EVERY Gaming Platform:

PlayStation's, Xbox's, Wii/U, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux

  • Native Support for PS3 (PlayStation 3), Android, and PC / Mac / Linux computer via simple USB plug.
  • Support for Xbox 360 via our 4-in-1 game controller adapter - requires a Wired Xbox 360 Controller
  • NEW support for PlayStation 4 - requires CronusMax Plus Adapter
  • NEW support for Xbox One - requires CronusMax Plus Adapter & our 4-in-1 game controller adapter - requires a Wired Xbox 360 Controller
  • Native support for PS2 (PlayStation 2) with an optional wire (no adapters)
  • Native support for Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and GameCube Classic Controller with an optional wire (no adapters)
  • Can be used for retro gaming on NES, Nintendo 64, Sega, Sega Genesis, and more - requires custom integrated adapter (Contact Us)
  • Can be used control other systems with a variety of button, and joystick inputs such as RC Cars, Boats, & Airplanes - requires custom integrated adapter (Contact Us)

Incredible Features include:

  • Flip the Left Joystick to the right and the right Joystick to the left. Perfect for individuals who have better, more dominant control in one arm over the other
  • Increase or Decrease the sensitivity of the Left or Right joystick. Phenomenally improves gameplay when all movement is coming from one's shoulders. For Example Grand Tourismo racing features extremely sensitive proportional joystick movements of your thumbtip to control steering making fine control for a quadriplegic extremely difficult and crashing frequent. By reducing the sensitivity allows gamecontroller to adapt the users unique abilities to the game designers intent. Alternatively increased sensitivity works well when controlling joystick with one's mouth reducing head movement.
  • 100% Remapping of ANY Button, integrated Sip-n-Puff, or External Ability Switches. No software or other complexities such as plugging into a PC. Simply (1) push the program button followed by (2) the button you want to move, followed by (3) the button location where you would like to move it to. Simple and intuitive creation of a custom layout exactly to your preferences and abilities even during the middle of gameplay.
  • Latching Mode can be assigned to ANY Button, integrated Sip-n-Puff, or External Ability Switches. Latching Mode causes the button to function a light switch , it holds itself down until you press it again to release. Invaluable for holding down the gas in a racing game or zooming the scope in a first-person shooter.
  • Adjustable Speed Rapid Fire on ANY Button, integrated Sip-n-Puff, or External Ability Switches allows you to simply hold down a button instead of having to push it repeatedly very fast which many individuals using this controller would be unable to do quickly.
  • Internally integrated hands-free Sip-n-Puff or Bite switches that can be assigned to ANY button. As an example, when your hands are busy operating the joysticks you can still fire the gun hands-free.
  • 2 additional trigger buttons added below the left analog joystick so when your hand is occupied moving the right joystick to aim the gun in a first-person shooter your left-hand can be used to fire the gun or zoom in the scope.
  • Support for Versatility external analog joysticks ideal for individuals with good movement only in 1 arm, allowing the second joystick to be controlled with mouth, or chin, foot, or even Head Motion! External joysticks also can be programmed with adjustable sensitivity or foot from left to right same as internal joysticks.
  • Jacks for up to 4 additional ability switches over and above the integrated Sip-n-Puff switches. Perfect for foot pedals for gas and brake for individuals limited by cerebral palsy with some leg movement, or the Dual Sensor Switches on a headband to control the game by winking your eyes, raising an eyebrow, or the flick of any other body movement!
  • Firmware can be reprogrammed/flashed by plugging the Ultimate Arcade into a computer. This allows us to reprogram them if there was a problem ever discovered, or a compatibility issue with new firmware on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 which was something I encountered on the PlayStation 3 firmware upgrade to version 3.5.
  • Auxiliary 25-pin port with full support for custom solutions, retro gaming back to the original Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega, Sega Genesis, RC Remote Control Vehicles, Quadcopters, etc. or even future compatibility required integration to new unanticipated systems.


User Manual - updated April 2015


FREE 3 Unique Collaborative 2 Player Windows PC Games

Distributed by Broadened Horizons Inc. FREE with the Ultimate Arcade, Versatility, and Head Gamer Accessible Video Game Controllers for ALL abilities. Click links below to Download each.

A collaboration between FUN-IE-FIT and Saxion University of Applied Science.

Operation New Earth - Co-Op Science Fiction Air Combat

Yama & Hibagon - Co-Op Puzzle Platformer

Which Game - Co-Op Puzzle Adventure

FUN-IE-FIT is a game, sports and health centre unique in its kind; for the Netherlands and Europe.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with over 24,000 students. Saxion offers a broad range of courses at various levels, including many international programmes. Education at Saxion is very student-focused and we offer you support not only from an academic point of view but also in terms of your personal development. While studying at Saxion University you will have the opportunity to gain both the knowledge and the skills you require to continue on your chosen career path.



Medium Ultimate Arcade 2

was a Special Order, manual machining, no silk screen printing


Ultimate Arcade 2

Standard Full Size
Ultimate Arcade 2

16.5" x 5" x 3.5"

20.5" x 6" x 3.5"

1.5" and 1" arcade buttons

2" and 1.5" arcade buttons

Otherwise the standard Full Size and Medium Ultimate Arcade 2's are identical.

Original Ultimate Arcade 1 - introduced 2008

Supports PS3, PS2, PS1, & Xbox 360 natively with interchangeable integrated handheld controllers. Adapters available so it still works with the latest PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S!

REQUIRES PlayStation 2/3 or Xbox 360 Integrated Handheld Controller

Optional PS4 & Xbox One with Cronus Max Adapter.

Add optional PS2 to Wii Classic Controller Adapter to use on Nintendo Wii, Wii U, & Nintendo Switch as a classic controller. 

FACTORY REFURBISHED back to like new condition by Broadened Horizons. Full 1 Year original factory warranty included.

Complementary Products

  • CronusMax Plus or Zen programmable Game Console Adapters

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  • PS2 Wire for Ultimate Arcade 2, and Head Gamer

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  • Wii Classic Controller Wire for Ultimate Arcade v2 & v3, Versatility v4, and Headmaster

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History of the Ultimate Arcade

History of the Ultimate Arcade

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