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Nurse Call Sip / Puff / Bite on Head-of-Bed Mattress Mount

Nurse Call Sip / Puff / Bite on Head-of-Bed Mattress Mount


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Works with ANY bed, including powered height-adjustable hospital beds in all bed positions by simply sliding under the head of the mattress.  No special installation skills! Within facilities, slide under head of bed in seconds during patient intake or orientation. Perfectly meets the needs of individuals with upper extremity or dexterity limitations who are otherwise unable to activate the nurse call with a button-based hand controller.


  • Sip or Puff or Bite switches for built-in Nurse Call Systems with 1/4" Wall Jack in 95% Hospital & Rehab Facilities (contact us to special order for nurse call systems with different wall plugs)
  • Optionally use Sip as Secondary output 1/8" mono male to male 5ft wire to control any switch enabled device such as speakerphone, Television ECU, etc.
  • 3rd Arm Flex 52 Inch Bed Mattress Mount
  • Silver-Ion Lined anti-contamination pneumatic tubing
  • 2 Disposable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces - one straight and one curved - with dual Hydrophobic and HEPA rated filter elements
  • 3 Disposable Bite Bulbs

    Consumable Parts

    • 10 Pack Straight or Curved Sip-n-Puff Mouthpieces
    • 25 Pack Bite Bulbs
    • Sip-n-Puff Tubing Kit with 2 Sip-n-Puff Mouthpieces And 3 Bite Bulbs


    • Hydration Volumetric Digital Meter for Nurses
    • Wireless Nurse Call Chimes
    • Wireless Nurse Call Intercom
    • Sip-n-Puff Bed Controller to raise head of bed independently
    • Stratus Wi-Fi Bed Controller for Alexa / Google Voice Control, Touchscreen, or Switch Scanning

      Popular Add-ons

      • QuadMouse Mouth Mouse Controller (also or Light Touch Finger movement)
      • Housemate ECU Environmental Controls and Augmentative Communications Switch Scanning Bluetooth interface for Smart Phones and Tablets (ideal for those who have difficulty with voice control)
      • Switch Enabled Desktop Speakerphones
      • Switch Enabled Bluetooth Interfaces for Smartphones and Tablets
      • Adaptive Video Game Mouth Controllers
      • Switch Enabled Page Turner for Printed Paper Books
      • iPhone, Android Smartphone, or Amazon Kindle with a Mouthstick that simulates touch
      • any other devices you need to get positioned up near your mouth or head when you are lying in bed.

      Documentation for Care Professionals

        Easy Setup

        • Screw 28" flexible arm into solid arm. Secure with chrome elevator bolt (head of bolt has large 1.25"flat disk)
        • Attach base of solid arm to 12" x10" flat mattress base with included 3/8" screw and included allen wrench. (Tip: Lay arm on bed or table and allow mattress base to hang down vertically)
        • Remove Camelback mouthpiece & Elbow from end of tubing coming out of bag. Save for future use.
        • Add male Quick Disconnect to and of tubing
        • Connect Female Quick Disconnect on the tubing extension to the male quick disconnect
        • Using included Velcro wrap attach pneumatic tubing to flexarm
        • Using included plastic zip ties, attached tubing to plate at the end of flex arm to precisely direct tubing at any angle desired by user

        Shipping & Returns

        We Ship Worldwide! In stock orders before 12pm are packed and ship out of our MI warehouse the same day. Orders after 12 pm will go out the following business day.

        Care Instructions

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