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Stricker Smart Quadriplegic Power-Assist Handcycle (FREE DHL Shipping Worldwide)


$4,995.00 USD

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Power-assist handcycle gets you out on the trails with family and friends participating INDEPENDENTLY! The New Smart Power-Assist Handcycle features the most power-dense Lithium-Polymer Battery Technology!  Boost Button - Lithium-Polymer Wheelchair Bike

Save $3000 on our barely used dealer demo! 

The Stricker Lipo Smart Power-Assist Handcycle allows those who would otherwise not be able to operate a handcycle, to enjoy the outdoors and even keep up with family and friends! This UNIQUE Power-Assist Electric Wheelchair Hand-bike Attachment is specifically designed for individuals with arm movement but reduced arm strength and little or no hand / finger dexterity such as C4, C5, C6, or C7 Quadriplegics. Stricker Sport Quadriplegic Handcycle without power assist also available.

USA and Canadian Distributor of Stricker's unique Power-Assist Handbikes since 2004.

For quadriplegics with limited arm strength, an inability to grasp standard handgrips for shift gears with fingers, squeeze breaks a standard handcycle designed for those with full hand dexterity simply does not work. Hills and even bumps or curves can be mountain-like obstacles. The unique, Stricker exclusive Push-Button Boost (pushed by chin) helps you get rolling with a 2-3 second burst of power on difficult terrain. Then dial-up as much or as little power-assist as you need by spinning a little wheel and independently shifting with your chin without removing your hands from the exceptional Quadgrips designed by an American Quadriplegic Para-Olympian. Independently conquer hills with up to a 15° slope and riding distance up to 45-75 miles (120 km)! Of course range depends on size of rider, terrain, % of assist. (Maximums measured on flat surfaces)


  • FREE DHL International Express Shipping within continental USA & Canada Direct from Factory in Germany
  • Striker Quad Handles (HIGHLY recommend upgrading ($495) to American Para-Olympian designed, 'QuadGrips')
  • 8-speed Mountain Drive Gear with chin-shifting
  • Push-Button Boost to help get rolling from a dead stop.
  • Fast 25 Km/hr top speed
  • Tetra/Quad Star Screw to make it easier to attach and detach handcycle independently from the front of manual wheelchair
  • Powerful 36V 250W Hub Motor - overcomes gradients up to 15 %! (24v on dealer demo, similar performance.
  • Includes 36V 11.6 Ah Lithium-Polymer Battery with 1.2 Ah Charger (9 Hr full charge time)
  • Disc Brake and Coaster V-brake connected to reverse pedaling brake system
  • Additional mechanical Emergency & Parking with V-brake
  • Steering: 95 cm turning radius
  • 46 pounds (21 Kg) with Battery, 41 pounds (18.6 kg without battery)

Comes Fully Equipped with:

  • 8 gear chain shift 246%
  • Kickstand
  • Speedometer, LED lamp with battery
  • Display with state of charge
    • amount of charges
    • battery temperature and speed
  • Adjust the amount of power assist by chin
  • 3-speed Switch
  • Stricker Cranks
  • Front and Rear Light
  • Bell
  • Cycle Computer
  • Automatic Catch, Position Clamp, Chain Protection Tubes, Kick Stand, Marathon 20 x 1,75 (122a) Tire

Price quoted in USD above is subject to change based on current Euro exchange rates.

Ships directly Via DHL from the factory in Germany since each bike is handmade specifically for you.

Shipping weight = 40 kg. Shipping Dimensions = 135x62x34 cm

Luxury Accessory Kit

  • Klickfix Bag
  • Water bottle Alu with cage
  • Rear-view mirror CS, special clamp included
  • Rain and dust cover for the handbike

Other Variations Available

  • Paraplegic Models have brake levers at the Ergohandles and handles to shift gears on the right side
  • The paraplegic model with Grip Shift Accelerator is also 8-speed but NO Mountain Drive.
  • *Price quoted in USD subject to change based on current exchange rates with Euro
Peddling a handcycle requires a lot of arm strength. For quadriplegics and others with limited arm strength who are only able to peddle on flat level ground, even the smallest hill, curb, or gentle slope becomes an insurmountable mountain. The ElectroDrive Smart "levels the playing field", or in this case, "levels" the bike trail!

The Lipo Smart Power-Assist Handcycle provides adjustable power assist when needed for 12.5 miles (20km) up to a speed of 11.2 mph (18 km/h), conforming to laws of most European countries. It can be operated without power assist.

Testimony from Mark Felling, Broadened Horizons President and C4/C5 Quadriplegic:

I was able to pedal the Rio Mobility Dragonfly on perfectly level ground with significant handgrip and shifting modifications. However, with my limited arm strength, I was very frustrated that someone had to walk or jog next to me to provide a helping push at any bump or slope. Then I discovered the ElectroBike Lipo Smart! The innovative Pedaling Sensor turns on the motor at the beginning of pedaling and stops it immediately at the end of turning. A Power Assist Throttle lever or grip determines how much power the motor will add. Steep hills are no longer a problem. In flat areas, the power assist can make extended excursions of 12.5 miles (20km) possible, providing new freedom and a feeling of living. This allows people with limited strength to experience new possibilities for training, slowly reducing the amount of power assist needed and increasing independence in many of life's activities. You can even ride without power / motor assist and leave the batteries at home.

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    Yes lithium battery power chairs are allowed on commercial aircraft. If the battery is in a protective housing built into the wheelchair it can remain in the wheelchair. If it's removable the traveler must carry it in their carry-on luggage. Lithium-ion battery size is limited to 300 watt-hours (V * Ah = Wh) (max 12.5ah 24v battery). One spare battery not exceeding 300 Wh or two spare batteries not exceeding 160 Wh each (max 6.6Ah 24v) may be carried in carry-on baggage.

    So you can bring along up to three 24v 6Ah Lithium batteries, or two 24 12ah Lithium batteries.

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) official instructions for Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices with Lithium Ion Batteries

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    Stricker Lipo Smart Quadriplegic Power-Assist Handcycle with Boost Button - Lithium-Polymer Electric Wheelchair Bike (FREE DHL Shipping USA & CA) - Broadened Horizons Direct

    Stricker Smart Quadriplegic Power-Assist Handcycle (FREE DHL Shipping Worldwide)

    $4,995.00 USD

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