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USB HID to Bluetooth Adapter for Quadmouse

USB HID to Bluetooth Adapter for Quadmouse

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  • Based on Bluetooth 4.0 (a.k.a Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) with reduction in power consumption and fast connection time.
  • Works with ALL host types: Apple Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets, all versions of Windows and most others.
    • Hosts must support Bluetooth 4.0 (BT 5.x is backward compatible with 4.x)
    • Hosts must support Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse. Some low end Android phones/tablets have Bluetooth supporting only hands-free headset but not keyboard/mouse. iOS devices do not support Bluetooth mouse.
    • For Windows: must be Windows 8 or up. Windows 7 and down do not support BT 4.0 See this Microsoft Page.
  • Compatible with all types of USB keyboards including those with a built-in hub (e.g., Happy Hacking, DAS, Apple, Dell, etc.) and keyboard/trackball combos (in that case both keyboard and trackball will work)
    • For keyboards with a built-in hub: other devices connected to the hub will not work
  • Also works with many keyboard emulating USB devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, magnetic strip readers and foot pedals.
  • Support of USB mice. Scroll wheel also works
  • No pin-code pairing: does not require a pin code to pair a host
  • Command line interface to customize many features
  • Configurable keep-alive feature: periodically sending out key strokes to keep host from falling into sleep or network connection from timing out.
  • Wireless status LED (Blue) and host port status LED (Green)
  • Power is passed from USB device (male) port directly to USB host (female) port.
  • FCC and CE certified.

Download User Manual (for firmware version 5.4.5) and FAQ.  Also don’t miss the Compatibility list containing most high-end mechanical keyboards we have tested.

Review by our customers (thanks to all of you).

After connecting it, it is not very clear what you should do. But, let's be clear, there's not much you to do. just press the only hard button and it gets connected to the Bluetooth device of your choice. Done!

Straight after connecting it you can start typing with no additional configuration needed but, if you like, there is a world full of customization just entering the command mode*.* To do it, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: open the word processor of your choice (also excel can work!) and click on the empty page as if you want to start typing;

  • Step 2: press the hard button until you see the device (approx. 2 sec) writing by itself (below a snap);

r/MechanicalKeyboards - Review: Handheld Sci. BT-500 - Makes any Keyboard wireless and programmable

the intro of the command mode

Done that, just type "?" and you'll understand that you are, in reality, in front of a terminal where you can give real instructions to the device.

I'll not dive in detail in the several options you can edit but the basic commands are the ones shown here:

r/MechanicalKeyboards - Review: Handheld Sci. BT-500 - Makes any Keyboard wireless and programmable

You can map any key (or combo with modifiers) with any other key or macros, set timers for repeating actions, make a key combination move the mouse pointer, avoid your pc to fall asleep (very helpful if you are not allowed to change some settings in your pc :P ....), and many other things.

It is to be mentioned the possibility to use the device also in USB-bridge mode. In this way you can switch (through a programmable key combination) between BT mode and USB mode and use your keyboard with two separates devices!


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