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GlassOuse v1.4 Bluetooth Hands-Free Head Motion Mouse


$599.00 USD

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GlassOuse 1.4 and Pro are assistive technology devices for people with limited or no use of their hands. Provide control of computers, phones, tablets, and smart TVs that supports a Bluetooth mouse.

  • Windows, Macintosh, Chrome OS, and Linux Computers
  • iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablets and Smartphones
  • Smart TVs that support Bluetooth mouse

Mouse clicking with GlassOuse 1.4 or Pro is very responsive and non-fatiguing with a variety of ability switches or dwell clicking software.

  • Bite to Click
  • Blow Gently on the Sensor to Click
  • Thumb Movement to Click
  • Foot Pedal to Click
  • FREE dwell clicking (when you pause for 1/2 seconds, it clicks for you)

Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and a 150-hour battery life you can use it all day every day for a week without recharging! Instantly reconnects with no lag and low latency accuracy.

Both 1.4 and Pro detect the slightest head movements with a 9-axis-gyroscope to move the mouse cursor on your screen. Pair GlassOuse with your device; for 100% accuracy tip it upside down for 10 seconds to calibrate, and start using your device hands-free.

Since v1.1 Glassouse has been used by thousands of people to remain engaged in their communities through technology at home, in schools, rehab centers, hospitals, and even employment.


GlassOuse 1.4 is worn and folds up like a pair of glasses. You can wear GlassOuse 1.4 with your own glasses. Hold your head steady for 1/2 second and the Dwell-click function will click for you. 

We highly recommend adding the optional Bite Switch, Puff Switch, Foot Switch, or Thumb Switch for faster, more responsive left-click, double-click, drag, and scrolling. Right-click is performed by selecting a right-click icon. Choose Pro to utilize more than 1 ability switch for clicking, dragging macros

Glassouse 1.4 connects to one device. You can pair it to more than one device, but you must turn off or disable Bluetooth on the first device before it can connect to the second device. Choose Pro to switch between and control multiple devices simultaneously.

Inside the Box:

  • 1x GlassOuse v1.4
  • 1x Charging Cable;
  • 2x Ear Holder
  • 1x User Manual

Glassouse Pro

Bluetooth head mouse which tracks your head movement with a 9-axis gyroscope to pixel-perfect precision on your mobile phone, computer, tablet, or Smart TV. Connect 2, 3, or even 4 switches for left-click, right-click, scroll/drag, and switching between devices.

Play games by turning your head, arm, hand, or foot into a game controller joystick with up to 8 ability switches. (Link wireless switch adapter highly recommended). Use GlassOuse APP to assign the gaming controller functions to your ability switches.

Use 'Switch Control' accessibility features built into iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, & Mac for people who struggle with head movement, or it becomes more difficult over time. Use up to 8 ability switches and any gesture movement to control your device.



9-axis gyroscope


Pixel Precise Accuracy


Wide angle workability


Sensitivity Adjustment


Long Battery


Compact and Lightweight. Only 0.8 oz (24 grams)

Connect to and control up to 3 devices simultaneously and switch between them easily. 

Glassouse Pro AppGlassOuse Pro will automatically save and use the settings of each device when you switch to that device.

More comfort. Simply clip GlassOuse Pro to your favorite accessory you already wear: your glasses, a headband, cap, beanie hat, audio headphones, etc. Glassouse branded baseball cap, beanie hat, and large headband or small hand/arm band, with built in receiver clip can be special ordered.

GlassOuse Pro can even be strapped to a hand, arm, or foot to control with body movements other than one's head. 

Connect up to 8 adaptive switches to GlassOuse PRO, enabling you to perform more actions with more switches. You can use GlassOuse APP to change the function of any switch in any mode for all connected devices.


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GlassOuse v1.4 Bluetooth Hands-Free Head Motion Mouse

GlassOuse v1.4 Bluetooth Hands-Free Head Motion Mouse

$599.00 USD

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