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Voice Dialing TalkIR Polycom Speakerphone for Infrared ECU - Switch Enabled

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TalkIR Infrared ECU Voice Dialing Speakerphone Kit includes:

  • Polycom Infrared Speakerphone
  • 60 Name & Digit Voice Dialer
  • Handheld Infrared Remote for training infrared ECU options
  • ECU options sold separately

Suggested ECU options include:

  • VoiceIR VoiceMe
  • Housemate
  • SiCare (not sold by Broadened Horizons)

This high-end high quality Polycom speakerphone is designed for business conference rooms where you have 20 people sitting around the table. It automatically adapts the sound to speakers coming from different directions and provides optimal sound quality for the other party you are speaking to to hear you clearly as well as for you to hear their words with crystal-clear crispness.

Activate, Hang up, and Answer using any Infrared Environmental Controller or directly by simply plugging any single or dual ability switches into the phone. Or use simultaneously such as Voice Control through ECU and switch control as a secondary backup or for simplified answering when the phone is ringing.

A perfect solution when combined with our H2O Bed Mount Independent Hydration System With Integrated Sip & Puff Switches or one of the Sip & Puff Nurse Call packages for professional organizations.

Polycom Original Specifications Sheet

Polycom Original User Manual

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