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PowerGrip Independent Living Occupational Therapy Bundle

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Kit developed over 15 years of personal experience as a C4-C5 Quadriplegic representing hundreds of hours of trial and error and thousands spent on eliminating many, many items that simply did not work. Almost more important to an end user and a professional helping them is what is NOT included in this kit. This kit will save many thousands, 10x its cost in billed occupational therapy hours that could be better put towards actual progress using these tools, likely justifying more therapy than otherwise would be allowed since actual significant documentable progress is being made so rapidly.

Kit pairs with Broadened Horizons' PowerGrip Assistant Grasp Orthosis

Kit Includes:

  • Graspless Quadriplegic 2 Function Telescoping Reacher with Velcro Loop Hand Retaining Grip-Assist
    • 2 Extra Sticky Pads
  • No Burns Drinking Glass - Stainless Steel 2-layer Vacuum Insulated
  • No Burns Ultra-Narrow Coffee/Coaco Tumbler with Cover - Stainless Steel 2-layer Vacuum Insulated for Hot or Cold
  • Fork with silicone molded Finger Grip
  • Spoon with silicone molded Finger Grip
  • Right Angle Full-fist Grip Knife - ideal for limited dexterity and/or lack of wrist flexion, and while still challenging, also usable with the PowerGrip
  • Graspless Push-to-Cut Scissors - Self-Standing and Self-Opening featuring Fiskars
  • 6-pack Sticky & Highly Flexible Silicone Molded Finger Grips for pens, pencil, paintbrush, tablet or phone stylus, laser pointer, or silverware
  • Screw-in Limited Dexterity Knobs for Corn-on-the-Cob
  • 1 super thick pen

    Optional - Lightweight Dinner Plate with custom, semi-rigid plastic Handle that will not heat up or melt in the microwave to independently lift a prepared dinner using the PowerGrip out of a refrigerator (ideally with a roll out tray) and place it into a microwave. Extends the time a PowerGrip or other limited dexterity user is able to stay at home alone without a caregiver present from morning until bedtime. 

    Custom / Special Order - Perfect paired with our Independent Living Accessible Kitchen in a Box Wheelchair-Friendly Food Preparation Module with Power Rising Smart Convection Oven & Microwave, plus Pull-Out Dual-Burner Induction Cooktop, plus Pull-Out Cutting Board / Cooling Rack / Dine-While-Its-Hot Tray designed to build into any kitchen island or wall cabinet.

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