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Comfort Carrier Evacuation Bundle for Multi-story Buildings


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Handicap Evacuation Bundle leaves no one behind. Use independently or in combination with an Evacuation Chair. Features the patented and ergonomically proven Comfort Carrier Person Lift Sling which allows 2 to 5 persons to evacuate anyone unable to walk whether from injury or disability. Evacuation cabinet and signage created in partnership with leading US manufacturer of fire extinguisher cabinets resulting in a consistent style and proven quality to fire extinguisher cabinets used throughout the United States.

The Comfort Carrier has been proven to be the most efficient, preferred method to get persons unable to walk on and off commercial aircraft around the world.

  • Craig Hospital, Denver Colorado recommends every quadriplegic patient to acquire a Comfort Carrier before being discharged to go home.
  • The Comfort Carrier was selected by the United States Secret Service as the preferred method to evacuate persons unable to walk quickly and efficiently from the White House and US Capital under a wide variety of situations.
  • The Fire Chief and Captain of Denver Fire Department for the Chairman of Board entire state of Colorado shared very positive feedback after his firefighters tested the Comfort Carrier in the field. In fact they still are using it. And he recommended the Denver Building Owners Association should plan for and implement handicap evacuation solutions with the Comfort Carrier as an example.
  • Airline personnel and contractors from those directly assisting disabled and elderly persons to board aircraft, to heads of all ground operations at multiple airports have enthusiastically expressed personal satisfaction after utilizing the Comfort Carrier to assist disabled, injured, or other nonambulatory persons.
  • A safety consultant for Northwest Airlines at the age of 65 who said she had back surgery a few years earlier personally tested the Comfort Carrier by lifting and moving a 250-pound disabled man approximately 5 feet from his wheelchair to another chair. She wanted to personally experience saying "if can do it then nearly anyone should be able to"
  • Designed by the disabled for the disabled, the strongest endorsement is Thousands of disabled persons and their families have purchased Comfort Carriers for personal use as the most dignified, comfortable method of being lifted and most ergonomically efficient method for those doing the lifting for activities as diverse as getting in and out of pools or hot tubs, boats, sitting in the sand on the beach or into beach wheelchairs, adaptive kayaking, adaptive snorkeling and scuba diving, horseback riding, ATVs and other motorsports, or simply up the stairs to enter a family member's home visiting for the holidays.

The Comfort Carrier is also available separately in a travel tote bag which is excellent for facilities management training and evaluation with a 30-day return policy.

IMPORTANT TIP: Include Persons with Disabilities (PwD) inclusively in planning, training, and as responders, not just victims. Everyone will benefit.

Bundle Includes

  • Large Comfort Carrier Handicapped Evacuation Person Lift Sling - 
  • White wall cabinet with 85 dB alarm meets ADA Passageway obstruction guidelines at 14"x 14"x 4" 
    • Weight mounted on the wall: Cabinet = 9.2 lbs + Comfort Carrier 1.8 lbs
    • Mounting hardware included = 4 heavy-duty wallboard screws
  • Handicapped Evacuation 3-Way Sign mounts on the wall above the cabinet for easy identification from down the hallway during emergency
  • Five Directional Wall Signs directing to Fire Exit
    • Follow a hallway / passage - Left or Right side
    • Down a stairway - Left or Right side
    • Above Fire Exit Door
  • Entryway Sign "These Premises Have Handicap Evacuation Plan"
  • Laminated Usage Instructions

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Comfort Carrier - Broadened Horizons Direct

Comfort Carrier Evacuation Bundle for Multi-story Buildings

$975.00 USD

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