2nd Gen One-Handed QuickStart Bundle - Broadened Horizons Direct
2nd Gen One-Handed QuickStart Bundle - Broadened Horizons Direct
MpowR v3 Accessible Fishing Bundle

MpowR v3 Accessible Fishing Bundle

Broadened Horizons
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New for 2021 this 3rd Generation Accessible Motorized Fishing Bundle by Broadened Horizons as you Ready-to-Fish out of the Box!

  • Perfect as-is for One-Handed fishermen from amputation or stroke
  • Perfect for wheelchair users of ALL Abilities -see optional add-ons below.

Complete Bundle Includes

  • MPowR Motorized Open-face Fishing Reel
    • Purpose-built, high-torque, direct-drive provides reliability. Not an afterthought add-on.
  • New 3rd Generation Switch-enabled Roughneck Pushbutton Controller 
    • Ultra-durable and reliable. Water-resistant
    • Can mount on left or right side of the rod with simple Velcro wrap for use left or right-handed
  • MpowR High-Torque PWM Speed Controller
    • Adjust speed of the reel without losing torque
    • Compact  enough to mount under 3rd Generation Pushbutton Controller to spin knob with a finger while holding rod one-handed
  • MpowR Medium-action Graphite Rod
  • LifePo4 14V 3.3ah Battery & Charger
    • Safe & Reliable latest LFP technology with enough power to fish all weekend without charging!
  • 6' Power Extension Wire - provides freedom of movement with battery in hip pouch or hanging on wheelchair armrest
  • MpowR Battery Hip Pouch can also be hung on side or back of wheelchair
  • Two Spools - so you can switch between different test line or have a backup ready to slide onto your reel
  • Spool of 10lb Test Monofilament Line
  • Starter Tackle Kit to Get You Fishing Immediately

Battery Capacity: While more than 300 fish have been landed on a single battery charge over 3 days without the battery going dead, and 250 walleye from a depth of 20 feet in a high producing Canadian Lake over the course of 2.5 days, you never want to be caught having forgotten to charge up your battery, or your battery was accidentally dropped in the water when launching... Consider an Extra Battery for tournaments, backwoods trips with more than two days of extended fishing, etc.

Add-on Accessibility for Wheelchair Users

For Wheelchair User with some arm movement but limited dexterity
C5/C6/C7 Quadriplegic, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, or severe arthritis

  • To activate with closed hand on wheelchair armrest add Roughneck Single Pushbutton Ability Switch
  • To activate with mouth by blowing or biting or foot add Puff, Bite, or Squeeze Hands-Free Switch
  • So user can release the bail independently add Fish Fighting Adjustable Rod Holder for Wheelchair Seat Base 
  • So user can release the bail and fight a fish and help setting the hook independently add Fish Fighting Spring Action Rod Holder for Wheelchair Seat Base

For Wheelchair User with no arm movement
ALS & Muscular Dystrophy, SMA, or Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

  • To activate with mouth by blowing or biting or with foot add Puff, Bite, or Squeeze Switch
  • To hold the rod in front of the user between their knees where it's easy to see (nonadjustable) add Wheelchair Seat Base Rod Holder
  • To provide assistance setting the hook or so assistant can help fight the fish without taking Rod out of rod holder Upgrade to Fish Fighting Spring Action Rod Holder for Wheelchair Seat Base for help to set the hook

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