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Wireless Nurse Call with Automatic Notification of Wet Bed or Wet Wheelchair Cushion

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Inclusively allows any patient to request help when and where needed even hands-free for those with paralyzed arms or limited dexterity. High-quality wireless convenience means your operational in minutes without structural modifications. Wheelchair users can request help anywhere within range even when they're not in bed. 

Avoid Bed Sores due to wetness and save time by responding quickly before a small problem becomes a big one. Ideal for individuals with limited or no lower extremity sensation and are unaware of accidents. Automatically notifies caregivers of a wet bed or wet wheelchair cushion.


  • (1) Audible and Visual Alarm Wireless Receiver for nurses station or caregivers bedroom. Supports up to 4 functions or four patient rooms.
  • (2) Ability Switch Wireless Nurse Call Transmitter accepts any ability switch and turns the switch into a Nurse Call.  Requires an ability switch.
  • (3) Washable Moisture Sensing Triangular Pads which plug into and automatically activate a wireless transmitter notify caregivers of wet pants, wet bed, or wet wheelchair cushion situations
  • (2) 6" Y cable accepts 2 inputs for 1 wireless transmitter

Perfect companion to our Sip/Puff/Bite Nurse Call Head-of-Bed Mattress Mount or Sip/Puff/Bite Nurse Call Wheelchair Backrest Mount that can be used with any ability switches in bed or on wheelchair.

Optionally add one or two additional Wireless Transmitters to be used either for Nurse Call with any ability switch or Moisture Sensing Pad. Additional transmitters allow staff to know the nature of the problem from which LED indicator is activated on the receiver. For example, add wireless nurse call or moisture sensing or both to a wheelchair, favorite recliner, or to support a second patient, etc.

We also offer a 4 Room / 4 Patient Package for Group Homes, Assisted Living, Rehab Centers, or Hospitals. Up to 4 Packages can be used together to support a 16 room wing.

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