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Broadened Horizons

Wireless Nurse Call for Bed, Wheelchair, and Automatic Wetness Notification


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Inclusively allows patients to request help when and where needed. Highly versatile, with over 30 different types of ability switch inputs available, it is perfect for those with paralyzed arms and fingers. The convenience of wireless with up to 1,000 ft range means you are operational in minutes without structural modifications.

Wireless transmitters allow caregivers to know the nature of the problem based on which LED is activated on the base station. Add wireless nurse call to shower and toilet. Add moisture sensing and nurse call to a favorite recliner. Wheelchair users can be mobile and request help from anywhere in the building (within range). 

Optionally avoid bed sores due to wetness and save time by responding quickly before a small problem becomes big. It is ideal for individuals unable to feel or communicate they are wet. Automatically notifies caregivers of a wet bed or wet wheelchair cushion.


  • 1 Desktop Basestation - provides a 4-location visual and audible or visual-only alarm for nurses' station or caregiver's bedroom. Supports up to 4 transmitters in up to 4 patient rooms.
  • 1 up to 4 Wireless Nurse Call Transmitters - each accepts and requires an ability switch or a wetness sensor, or both plugged into it with a Dual Input Adapter.
  • Optional 3 pack Moisture Sensors (washable) that plug into and automatically activate a wireless transmitter to notify caregivers of wet pants, wet bed, or wet wheelchair cushions for patients who cannot feel or communicate they are wet
  • Optional Dual Input Adapters - 6" Y cable with two 3.5 mm female jacks to one 3.5 mm male plug

Perfectly Complimentary

  • Nurse Call Sip/Puff/Bite Head-of-Bed Mattress Mount
  • Nurse Call Sip/Puff/Bite Wheelchair Backrest Mount 
  • Nurse Call Pillow Switch 1/8"
  • Shirt-front Puff or Bite Switch
  • Disposable Puff or Bite Switch

Multi-Patient Bundles

For Group Homes, Assisted Living, Rehab Centers, or Hospitals. Expandable up to 4 sensors per patient or patient room. If two patients share a room, two sensors can be used for each patient. The base station(s) will indicate which patient in which room needs help, and even if requested by the patient or from a wetness sensor. Up to 4 base stations can be used together to support a 16-room wing without interference.

Use independently or to supplement an existing in-wall wired system. The convenience of high-quality, long-range wireless means you can be operational in minutes without structural modifications.

Contact us to customize a solution to your unique facility and patient's needs.

Automatic Notifications for

  • wet pants, wet bed, or wet wheelchair cushion
  • a patient out of their room if the patient opens the room's door or window
  • motion in a particular area of patient's room or bathroom
  • motion, door, or help requested in a common area or common bathroom
  • loss of signal or low battery


  • (1) Base Station Wireless Receiver for Nurses Station with 3 modes
  • (4) Pillow Switches can be activated by the head, hand, or foot and are easy to clean and disinfect. Many other hands-free methods of activation are available.
  • (4) 3 Packs of Washable Moisture Sensing Triangular Pads automatically activate a wireless transmitter to notify caregivers of wet pants, wet bed, or wet wheelchair cushions
  • (8) Wireless Nurse Call Transmitters accept any ability switch and turn the switch into a Nurse Call.

Expandable Up to 4 Sensors per Patient or Room

  • Nurse Call Transmitter - one on bed and one on wheelchair
  • Wet Pants, Bed, or Wheelchair Cushion Sensor 3 pack and Transmitter
  • Wireless Motion Sensor to detect a patient out of bed or in a common area
  • Wireless Door/Window Sensor to detect a patient out of the room

Hands-Free Sip/Puff/Bite Nurse Call for the most physically limited patients

  • Sip/Puff/Bite Nurse Call Head-of-Bed Mattress Mount
  • Sip/Puff/Bite Nurse Call Wheelchair Backrest Mount 
  • Can be used with any ability switches in bed or on wheelchair.


  • 3 Operating Modes on Nurse's Station Base when a sensor is activated
    • Alert - Repeating 1-4 Beeps repeats and patient LED flashes for 15 seconds both indicating which patient needs help
    • Alarm - Sounds 95 dB siren until mute button is pressed or up to three minutes, patient LED continues to flash while sensor is activated
    • Silent - Patient LED flashes. No sound is emitted
  • Base monitors the sensor's battery condition automatically. LED on base flashes rapidly if battery is low or signal is lost.
  • Sensors / Transmitter use inexpensive, common 2032 coin cell battery which last for many months. Ultra-low-voltage provides patient safety and avoids interference.
  • Each sensor or transmitter is paired to each patient or zone with millions of combinations, so multiple bases or systems can be used together or in relative proximity without interference to support many more than 4 patients.


  • Operating Range: up to 800 feet
  • Motion Sensor can be used indoors or outdoors
  • FCC/IC approved
  • One year warranty

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Wireless Nurse Call and Wet Bed or Wheelchair Cushion Sensor - Broadened Horizons Direct

Wireless Nurse Call for Bed, Wheelchair, and Automatic Wetness Notification

$1,150.00 USD

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